Happy New Year!

I have just spent the last 2 days getting everything together to finally have some of the artists we will be working with up on our website. Each artist has a page with a picture and bio as well as links to relevant websites you can check them out at (soundcloud, facebook, ect.). Since I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to websites, it was interesting to say the least lol. Alvaro has been working hard in the studio so at least I have had some wonderful deep house music to enjoy! Hope everyone enjoys the new Artist page. We also have our Logo! Which I am totally in love with, thanks to our friend Stelios who did an awesome job with it. It has already been a great start of the New Year for the Label 🙂

Happy New Years to everyone, hoping you all a love filled and creative year!

About sierramay
Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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