Loving the Music, Hating the Pirates

Loving The Music:

My Heart is HeavyThe Timewriter Simply phenomenally deep, it has been out for a few weeks now but if you have not heard it yet you are missing something great and possibly living under a rock.

I feel YouJoel Alter Beautiful moving deep feel with wonderful vocals that come together flawlessly with a deep bass line.

I might Fran, Oliver Koletzki Murat Kilic Remix What can I say, I just love the groove and sound of this song. Deep, simple, moving.

RisingSilt Deep house with a splash of get up and dance. Addictive and beautiful!

Morning Gold The MessengerAlvaro Hylander Remix Ok I know I am a bit bias but I have really enjoyed this song since he first started working on it in the studio. Deep, invigorating with the smoothness of pulp free orange juice, and it gets stuck in my head everytime I even hear a snippet of it. The Original is great as well (as to be expected by The Messenger) as is the other remix on the EP by Marcello Nassi.

Now to the Pirates. I always thought of them more as a joke, guys with dirty beards, ugly eye patches and talking parrots. Now I realize though that pirates should not be taken so lightly, especially the ones helping to ruin the music industry. We live in a digital age where everyone wants the latests and greatest things out there as fast as possible and for free if they can get it. Pirates, digital media pirates that is, are doing their best to provide exactly that. It comes at a cost though that is beyond what most people even stop to consider. What does it hurt to download a few (or a few hundred) songs for free? One of the largest arguments I see online to why pirating music is ok, is that the music industry is greedy and it does not hurt the artists. Point in fact, that might fly with huge music companies that mass produce and brainwash the average teenager and yippie. But what if you are into underground music, electronic or indy or other some such genre? Can anyone actually delude themselves into thinking that by illegally downloading music it does not hurt the record labels and more so the artists? The labels that work hard to bring you new music to groove to (which involves countless hours and work)? The producers and artists that spend hours upon hours making the music, not to count the years they have spent working towards bettering their musical skills? To the illegal downloader, there is no thought what so ever as to how much work and often love has been put into the music they download, with no show of appreciation to those who make it possible to have the music in the first place. Trust me, Independent music labels on average are not rich, and every time you download a song opposed to paying the mere 2€, you are hurting the labels, the artists and helping bring down the independent music world as a whole. At this point, we all have to wonder why nothing has really stopped this ongoing virus. My theory is that smaller, more unique, independent labels do not have the money or the clout to get it changed. So why aren’t the big wigs in the music world not doing anything to stop it? Simple, it may hurt them a little but even better it makes it practically impossible for small labels to get successfully on their feet, wiping out all competition. So in 20 years, when all the music there is to listen to is what we are feed by capitalistic, homogenous, corporate minds, we can thank all the people who thought it would just be cheaper to download music for free.

So please, Support the artists and labels you love buy purchasing their music 🙂

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Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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