First DeepWit Release “True False – Cadatta” Out March 31th


DeepWit Recordings is finally up and running with its much-awaited debut release, “True / False” by Athens-based soundsmith, Cadatta!

Let your soul set afloat with deepness-injected remixes from fellow-Greek producer Ilias Katelanos, Italian jazzy-funky-deep house connoisseur Andrea Guazzeroni aka. SpeakDeep, and DeepWit Recordings head honcho, Alvaro Hylander.

First in line is “True”— a deep craft from Cadatta and Din QC. “True” effortlessly brings to life an array of echoing melodies, sedative atmosphere, and head-nodding rhythm. Also, you might just catch yourselves unconsciously movin’ to the irresistibly groovin’ bass!

Ilias Katelanos, for his remix, takes us to the bayside with his soothing sun-drenched interpretation of “True”! This is definitely one for those warm tropical nights by the bay. . .

False”, the second track from Cadatta, showcases the darker and heavier side of his productions. With haunting vocalesque samples and subtle hints of saxophone and harp carefully combined with its sweeping big-room riff— “False” truly captures the true essence of the deep! SpeakDeep, on the other hand, gives “False” a saxy and hip makeover as the second-to-the-last track.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Alvaro Hylander remix of “False”. Expect top-notched feel-good deep and groovy vibes from half of the team who have made DeepWit Recordings possible!

Entering the depths of audio perception— DeepWit Recordings turns to its very first page with Cadatta’s “True / False”. This release will be available March 30th Exclusive at Beatport.

Preview of the full E.P Below 🙂


Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,UrbanTorque) – Great package! All trax for me:)) Really smooth and deep!

Blakkat (Shaboom, Freerange…) – Beautifully Deep, great release, like all the mixes.Cheers!

Harold Heath (Lost my Dog, Plastic city, Urbantorque…) – Thanks for sending, Hylander remix is nice, i’ll give it a try out tonight, Thanks.

Dirty Culture (Einmaleins-Musik/Affin/Loco Records) – GREAT DEEP HOUSE MUSIC!

The Messenger (Soul Industries) – Nice Tunes.We’ll support and play

Da Funk (Acryl Music) – Wow very nice 1st release! ilias and especially alvaros’ remix here for me! full support and good luck!

Mr Jones [The Disclosure Project] (Disclosure Project Recordings/Ibiza Sonica) – Alvaros take on False is nice with its solid kick and layered snare/clap, with those deep flowing pads making it really nice.

Feodor Allright & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show) – Ilias Katelanos remix is amazing! Amazing! 10/10 is too low rate for this track.

Deep Spelle (Soul Industries, NewBorn Records, Pesto Music) – High quality EP! Loving all these beautiful tracks!! I have to say the Alvaro Hylander Remix is 100% for me!

Chloe Harris (Further) – False is very good. Speakdeep cool vocals. Alvaros is the easiest to play i think.

Artette (Etoka) – Masterclass debut, absolutely great tracks by one of my favourites producer Cadatta! All the remixes are top class deep 🙂

Marvin Zeyss (Brown Eyed Boyz, Baalsaal, InDeep) – Big release, diggin all mixes. Will test them out and support!

Andre Detoxx (Disclosure Project Recordings, DeepWit) – True (IIias Katelanos remix) Really nice vibe there,absolutely top stuff.

Edmund (I Records / Dutchie / Deep Class Records) – Good package here.. maybe my fav must be Illias Katelanos remix, but also liking Alvaro Hylander version. Some nice deepness here. Congratulations.

Silt (Plastic City/Ready Mix Records) – Very nice EP. the Remixes from Ilias Katelanos and Alvaro are good for me 🙂

Houseriders (Soul Industries, Cromarti Records, NewBorn Records) – Very nice EP with great groove & ambience! Full support

Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica/DeepClass) – Well deep!

Zeque (I Records, InfraDigrecords) – I love the Alvaro Hylander remix (the best here) but also the speakdeep rmx is good one, will play!

Dudley Strangeways (Kismet, Resopal Shallware, BTTF Recordings, Sombom) – Nice release i like speakdeep’s mix of “False” cool deepvibe with a bit of a driving feel to it and also Hylander’s mix of “false” nice work 🙂 Thanks for the Tracks Will play for sure 4/5.

Cooccer (Etoka, Plastic City, Pesto) – Thanks, good job mate 😉 cheers

Owain (deepvibes radio/ various Ibiza) – Cool deep EP with nice remixes, good production

Dimitris Pataras (Etoka) – This is a great debut release. One of the most talented and upcoming deep house producer, Cadatta, delivers a uniquely fresh and solid EP. Ilias Katelanos mix on True should be one of the top picks for intro dj sets this summer. False (original mix) is the kind of deep house i love to listen to, just intelligent. Speakdeep Lying Remix is oriented straightly to the dancefloor. A different but very intresting approach. Alvaro Hylander’s remix on False is warm, smooth, dreamy and broken (lol) probably my favorite along with Elias Katelanos remix. 5/5

Jesus Pablo (26 Tea Drops, Cubism, What Happens, Deso) – Nice keys… deep vibes… will play…

Matthew Gillespie / Agent Matteo (Ibiza Sonica / Deep Rhythm Music) – Really nice release, has to be the Alvaro Hylander remix for me , would fit into my sets more than the others.

Rainer A (Deephouse Institution) – Cool deep EP with nice remixes, good production

John Papachristos ( – full support you !!!!

Seraphine (Witty Tunes / Tanztone) – Fresh and deep for morning sets. I’m definitely going to use it in my mixes. Ilias Katelanos Remix is the best one in this package. Thanks!

Zweigklang (Solardish Records) – Great 1st release on new deep house label DeepWit. 100% support! Much success and all the best wishes, C&J!

Andrea Roberto (SSRadio) – Thanks!! I’ll surely play them!!!

Christos Fourkis (Etoka underground city wet recordings…) – Thanks mate,Excellent work…Full support:)

Javier Varez (I Records, Alma Soul Music…) – Love the full EP, specially Ilias and Alvaro remixes got my favorite deep house essence. Play for sure!”

Olga Flapper (Carica) – Thnx for promo. Very atmospheric and deep sound. All track are good.

Migs Libre ( – Very nice release. Alvaro Hylander remix for me

Francesco Cofano (Smoothnotes Rec.) – Amazing package, original and Ilias Katelanos my pref. Full support.

Sauco aka Meerblick (DeepWit) – This is just the begining & a new star is shining high! Awesone smoothness on A.Hylander & Illias Katelanos Rmxs, supportin’ the tracks & the label, good luck guys !!!

Marcelo Méndez (La eMe Music) – Awesome Package, Full Support on My weekly Radio show and Gigs, Thanks :=))

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Celestial, 26TeaDrops…) – Lovely, lush deep sounds fellas! Will play all tracks.

Chord ( – Great start to the label – a fine collection of deep house tracks. Tight bass and well structured percussion throughout.

Catastrophic (Tunnel FM) – Alvaro Hylander Remix is the best from this EP for me. Thank you, will support it 🙂

Yiannis Dorakis (Nova Planet Radio Show/KAPA/Peacelounge) – The launch of Deepwit recordings is big news. Didn’t know that Cadatta was a producer from my country. Beautiful female vocals on Greek – she said that she wanna find a station that will like tonight – deep chords, euphoric synths make ”True” original really DOPE. Stronger ‘’False’’ is coming closer to the deep tech-house coasts with loosing the deep spirit of ‘’True’’. Ilias Katelanos remix offers an Aegean sea and Mediterranean sunlight version and his mix reminds summer nights in Cyclades Islands. Highlight of the EP is the last but not least track of it. Deepwit’s Alvaro Hylander remix on ‘’False’’ give the warmest and deepest moment of the EP. The slappy rework and the make you feel good and lost in the deep sound sounds is outstanding.

Tres Johnson (lowercase sounds) – Great first release all the way around for deep wit! great full deep sound in all of the tracks but really feeling the false remix by alvaro. I will fully be supporting this release!

Roni Be (open bar music,Deso Records,onethirty recordings) – Nice package but my fav is llias katelanos rmx thx…

Erdal Mauff (night drive music) – These tracks are the killers!!! Full Support!


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  1. John P. says:

    Excellent release…full support by and my radio show also !!!

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