Witty Spring Sampler – Out April 28th

DeepWit Recordings presents our first Seasonal Various Artists Compilation

Containing a range of tracks from lounge to deep tech with a splash of deep in each. Coming to you from all over the world, giving you a taste of what spring feels like from Europe to Asia. This sampler covers the full spectrum of deep house with five unique innovative tracks, all with a fresh invigorating spring feel. There is bound to be at least one or two tracks that will move you and help you enjoy this revitalizing time of year.The tracks focus on a predominately warm spring atmosphere to help bring in the season, with a diversity of sounds ranging from bright clean shakers, melodic haunting warm pads and pure beautiful piano chords.

We will pass on describing the tracks individually, and instead allow you take away from them what you will.

Although a softer approach then DWR will normally take towards deep house, these tracks embody the feel and sound of spring. Enjoy.

Want to Buy The Sampler? You can Get it Here 🙂


Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco,Proton) – Pianorolka is the one for me here ! Thanks.

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City) – Great release…nice smooth!

Dirty Culture (Einmaleins / Loco / Affin / Houseworx) – Great deep atmospheric house. Love this ! Full support.

Satoshi Fumi (Kilik/ Plastic City / UrbanTorque/Outerspace) – Pure vibes, love Pianorolka!

The Messenger (Soul Industries/I Records/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…) – Great pack,all tunes are realy nice.

Tears From Spain and Pianorolka are fav’s from this pack. We’ll use them. Thanx

Andres Bela (Raw Cutz Records) – Thanks 4 sending, I think Luv City is the shaker here. Will play and support.

Submantra (LOCO/REISEI/UNIVERSE MEDIA/IRMA) – Nice Sampler, Thanks!

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Projec! t Rec/Ib iza Sonica/Night Drive Music/Elevation ) – Andres track is the stand out one here. Nice driving deep vibe with loose piano touches and nice little synth stab accents. Soft enough to enjoy but strong enough to make you move.

Richie Hartness  (Untitledmusic/ UM Records) – Stunning EP – Almost a mini set in itself! Lovely!

Da Funk (Acryl Music) – Pianorolka for me, beautiful vibes!

Marvin Zeyss (Brown Eyed Boyz, InDeep, I Records)  – Diggin this a lot, full support!

Rissa Garcia (NightChild Records) – Love the deep atmospheric vibes…will support!

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone/DeepWit) – Beautiful release, full of spring colors and smooth-dreamy sounds. I like all the tracks. Full support for Deepwit Spring Sampler!

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Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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