Interview – Cadatta

For those of you unfamiliar with this talented artists here is some background to bring you up to speed! Cadatta was born and raised in the beautiful and enchanting country of Greece. He has a unique and moving style all his own and after hearing just a few of his productions, which range from ambient chill-out to beautiful smooth deep house, you can easily pick up on what sets him and his style apart from so many artists out there. With that I will leave you to read his answers on how he become the producer he is today.

What drew you to electronic music?

Cadatta – I listen to music ever since I remember myself. Played the keys since about 5 but never had a real piano. As a music lover passed from many genres mostly popular stuff. At mid 90’s I was attracted by electronic dance music and started focusing on this, there was an essence of ‘freedom’ that I felt this style always had that really attracted me.

What to you, is producing and sharing your music all about?

Cadatta – I feel it’s a nice form of communication. First of all making music for me is something like a self therapy; whenever I work / listen a track I feel I’m in a trip, see and feel things while listening and composing so when other people ‘understand’ this trip or feel emotions or creating pictures in their minds I feel I communicate with them, that I’m not alone on this.

How did you arrive at the sound and feel of the music you release?

Cadatta – When I first listened to the Timewriter’s album “Jigsaw Pieces” it was a revolution for me. It was the first time I was listening to something so close to the flavor that I wanted to present : melodic stuff, sensual and peaceful but with beats, music for the dance floor but for headphones as well. I think he is one of my top influences. I always wanted to do music that could work on the dance floors but maybe work even better for listening. But everything should have feeling in it, and a groove – always being a fan of groove and funk even in a different way – all my tracks are made with pure love and respect for the ears and the heart (most hopefully). Nevertheless, I feel ‘wrongness’ sometimes can make audio tricks that sound interesting and many times in my music I make things wrong by purpose. I feel I’m in an elementary level though as a musician, experimenting everyday and trying to find different things to do while composing stuff. I may release sometime soon a Cadatta full length album and then I may turn out to make something completely different, I don’t know what the next day will be and I have no stress about that, as long as the making of music works on a healing level, at least for me 🙂

If you had to choose, what would be your favorite songs you have produced?

Cadatta – Difficult.. Honestly I could say that there are not released yet! 😀
..but from my released ones I could pic 5.

I would say first “Deep Thoughts” (Muak), my ‘best seller’ so far, it was originally composed in 2003 and it was only about 3.30 minutes long. I re-edited it on 2005 but finally released on 2008 an extended version I made (my only track – as far as I know-  that reached beatport’s top 100 for some weeks haha).

Second I may put “Casta Aura” (Hypothermik) originally composed on 2004 finally released on 2010 its more like a deep progressive track, my biggest track in length (about 9 minutes long). Everytime I listen to this, there is a different story that it has to tell me, there is a mysterious and moody atmosphere in it, that has the “Cadatta” signature for sure.

Personal favorite and big honor for me, the collaboration with the great Greek music artist “Maria Voumvaki” (her debut album was produced by one of the greatest Greek musicians of all time, the legendary Manos Hajidakis) the track is titled “Unexpected Disorder” and was released in 2008 (Muak).

Then I could say “Abnormal” (Etoka), is a track that I composed on my name day last summer (15 aug 2010). I felt I was with some fairies when I was working that track, has something mystic and silent touch and its one of my deepest tunes so far I think.

Last but not least, I have to say “True” (DeepWit) released 2011. One of my ‘truest’ tunes, with real life vocal cuts of my lovefriend Din QC and a slight touch on reverb by another lovefriend of mine great graphic designer / artist and musician Tek Killa (Stelios Petros Halas).

How has your life been enriched since you entered the world of music?

Cadatta – First of all, no penny in my pocket through the industry, (ok except some ice creams and pastry I could bought a couple of times) which is another thing that proves that I’m not doing this for the money. My life is enriched though cause I met many wonderful people, precious friends and generally brothers and sisters that we can share the same spirit and ‘speaking’ the same language.

Do you feel that all the social networking sites have made it easier to connect with fellow artists and music lovers and spread the word about your music? Or that it has watered down the music scene?

Cadatta – Back in 2004 I started uploading some of my first mp3s in a site which many unsigned artists were uploading music to share with the world. Then one Greek label reached me – on 2005 – to feature a track of mine in a cd compilation and that was my start on the ‘industry’. A year later a German – Greek DJ producer asked me to remix a “Georg Neufeld” track, then myspace came up and “Muak” reached me, we released some stuff and I played in London three times in great gigs along with superstar DJ’s like Osunlade, Kerri Chandler and so on. I feel really sad that myspace is totally dead now, cause for me it was really helping to to get people know what I do…I now use mostly soundcloud and wait to see if facebook watered down the music scene 🙂

Thank you so much our dear friend for letting us into your world 🙂 I hope this has given all the people out there a taste of what you and your music are all about!

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