Looking for Music?

Life is just less interesting without music.

It is that simple, at least for me. My tastes, although not particularly diverse are a bit on the odd side. I love my alternative Indy music and somedays just require a does of Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket. Other days I just want to dive into a nice deep set. The one thing that Electronic Music gives me that Indy just can’t, is the never ending mixes available from radio stations and DJ’s. There can be something really moving and beautiful about the way people mix their sets, something that no matter how many times you might have heard a track, can make it brand new for you. This is a big part of what keeps me so intrigued and in love with Electronic Music.

I have seen a lot of people posting and commenting lately on having music exhaustion. Just being completely worn out from the bombardment of new tracks and mixes out there. This personally baffles me… yes Alvaro and I listen to a LOT of music and not all of it our style or particularly all that well produced. We own a label, so it comes with the territory. But for me, to avoid this overload I simply only become involved with producers, radio stations and DJ’s that I enjoy. So what if someone wants to friend you on whatever social networking site you might use. Do you know them? Do you like their music? If not why bother?

And why does someone just not make a list of the best radio stations and mixes out there for Deep House lovers and save you some time?

Well for you, I will do just that 🙂 Here is a list of Radio Stations and Blogs that continually make me happy with their quality mixes and sets.


Hands down without question that number one spot has to go to Richie Hartness who runs the Untitled Music Blog and is about to start releasing for his brand new label UM. You can find his top quality and talented mixes fresh every week on Monday. He also has started a guest mix series so if you think your mixing skills are up to par you should look into it 🙂


Next in line for me is Marcelo Mendez and his radio station Tunnel FM. Marcelo makes some really amazing deep sets that are not to be missed and his radio station offers a variety of different guest artist mixes that are always right at the top of my list. You can also catch up on all their past mixes on their soundcloud as well as hear their new mixes every week.


The last DJ and radio station I would like to bring to your attention is John P. Greece who runs Westradio out of Greece. Although not a strictly deep house station, John has done a wonderful job of bringing in different broadcasts and mixes from talented DJ’s spanning the globe and electronic genres. So if you are looking for a truly dedicated radio station, that offers up the best there is to offer in electronic music, this is a radio station I would not miss out on.

I could go on… and on… and on. But I will stop here for now as I do not want to add to the music overload that is going around lol. There are more radio stations and blogs to check out that we feel are not to be missed out on to the right of this post 🙂

If you feel I missed anything that you do not find in our links to the right, please let us know! We love being introduced to DJ’s and Radio Stations that make you fall in love with Deep House all over again!

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Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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