DeepWit Uncovered

With the start of a new year we will be bringing you the start of a new sub-label. I would like to share with you why we have decided to do this, just because I assume everyone is as nosey as I am 🙂

With DeepWit Recordings we pride ourselves on focusing on the music we love the most, Deep House. With that in mind, we do receive a lot of great music that does not fall inside of what we like to call the “DWR Sound”. We really want DeepWit Recordings to be a label you can relay on for deep, organic, moving house music and one that is not going to clutter your email and facebook with a bunch of irrelevant non-sense. Yet it can be a real shame to pass up some of the amazing tracks we receive, either due to lack of space in the release schedule or because it lacks that special DWR feel and sound. So this is where the idea of DeepWit Uncovered came from, a place to release music we still love and enjoy but does not fit on our current label. Sometimes Alvaro loves a track but it is too tech house for me, and sometimes I love a track that is too ambient and melodic for him. DeepWit Uncovered is where these great tracks will find a home!

Another big reason for wanting to start a sub-label came about through speaking with artists and the struggle of getting full length albums out there, opposed to just EP’s and Singles. There are a lot of talented house musicians out there, that have some great tracks but just can not find a label willing or able to give them the space and control to have an album. I love the idea of giving the artists as much creative control over their works, so why not give artists the chance to do exactly that with full length albums on DeepWit Uncovered?

So with that, I would like to introduce you all to DeepWit Uncovered! You can look forward to the first release near the beginning of 2012  🙂

DeepWit Uncovered is a sub-label from DeepWit Recordings bringing the same quality and passion for music, just in a different form. With Uncovered we will focus more on the fringe areas of our musical tastes, bringing a wider more diverse selection of artists and music for your listening pleasure. Here you will find music ranging from Deep Tech House to Chillout and more Ambient House alongside all of those tracks that break the genre lines. With the aim of bringing a more compilation styled catalogue we will also be releasing Albums from Artists, leaving the artists more in control of their artistic works. With that we present, DeepWit Uncovered… for music behind the scenes.

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