Dezent – Max Volkholz

Dezent is a full power deep house release straight from Germany. Max Volkholz heads the EP with two commandingly deep originals. Although still relatively new to the scene he is proving to be a producer worth watching out for with releases already on Alma Soul, Deep Nota Records and Beatwax with a Vinyl on the way alongside releases on several other quality labels. Starting with the title track “Dezent” he dives right into what deep house is all about, deep kicks, warm fluid base and just enough sexy urban feel to make you want to move. Alongside the Original we bring you a dark and deep remix from Nadja Lind, with a futuristic twist  on what the track would sound like on another planet. Nadja needs little introduction as one of the most prominent female producers with several releases not only on her own label Lucidflow but also releases across several other labels and music genres with her musical duo Klartraum. The next Original from Max on the release is “Herr Glotz”. The liquid deepness and unique groove alongside the warm uplifting pads speaks for itself not only in quality but its ability to make you want to hear it over and over again. The remix of Herr Glotz comes from another German producer, Tom Shopper, with a more concentrated deep feel with its throbbing kick and more to the point groove aimed at the dance floor. This deep house release from a fully german perspective leaves little to be desired offering up some of the best music and emerging talent in the genre.


You Can Purchase This Release Here.

Want to know what other Top Deep House Artists and Radio Shows Have to Say About the EP?

jaidene veda (jaiveda productions)
nice club vibe to the ep, but ‘Herr Glotz’ hit it pretty sexy with that vocal dub – loving all the sounds throughout the original

andy ward 
Moves along nice. sure the bass will be heavy on amain system

Lukas Greenberg

Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Records / Ibiza Global Radio)
Dezent orig for me, thanks

Paul Trelles (Proton Mixed)
great pack again

Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension / EIGHT-TRACKS)
Solid deepness throughout, perhaps preferring the original “Dezent,” but nothing’s really making my tea kettle boil. A nice listen, though … thanks.

Addex (I Records, Plastic City, LoveZone Rec.)
all mixes are nice here.

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project Rec/Ibiza Sonica/Night Drive Music/Elevation )
Decenet house grooves here guys, like the Tom Shopper remix most for its groove, thanks fo! r sending.

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
herr glotz original for me. nice.

George Horn
Herr Glotz original for me 🙂 Thanks so much

ilias katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka )
Nadja Lind remix and Herr Glatz original mix for merthanx a lot 4 the promo !

Evren Ulusoy (I Records / Plastic City / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I R)

LAZO (Tapas/Ohral)
Herr Glotz for me! Thx for send 🙂

Dubble D / Moodymanc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
liking both originals ta

Dirty Culture (Affin / Apt. International / Einmaleins-Musik)
ncie stuff here!

Onur Ozman (Dutchie, Acryl, Rebirth, Deep Class, Onethirty)
Herr Glotz original

Marvin Zeyss (Urban Torque, 1Trax, Night Drive)
Herr Glotz Original sounds cool!

The Nadja Lind remix & Herr Glotz for me. Will give em a spin…

Richie (! untitledmusic)
Nadja Lind & Herr Glotz standing proud for m! e! Thank s

Le Vinyl (i Records/1Trax/Save room/Reisei records)
thx for send sound cool 😉

Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records)
both herr glotz versions work for me.. thx bros!

Andre Detoxx (DeepWit/SoundBar Records/Pesto/Um Records/Tanztone)
Heer Glotz is my pick. Thnx

City Soul Project (Savoir Faire Musique)
Tom Shopper mix is ace and the original mix of Dezent too, support

Helly Larson 
nice ep ! nadja lind remix and herr glotz is my fav.! thanx for sending!

Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound, Armada, Proton)
will try herr glotz ! cheers !

HouseRiders (I Records/Aenaria/Soul Industries/Acryl/DeepWit)
Cool tracks! thx DeepWit!

Miguel Garji (ibiza global radio)
Nadja and Tom are 4 me .rSupport .rThanks

Javier Varez (alma soul music)
Both originals for me, nice work from Max and DeepWit again!

Deep Spelle (Soul! Industries/ i Records)
Cool EP! Herr Glotz (Original Mix) for me ! thanky!

Tom Shopper Remix for me ! Nice track. I’ve already played it. Thanks

Very interesting release

Olga Flapper (Carica Rec/Pure.FM/Ensonic Radio)
Perfect release! Support

Great stuff as expected ! the Nadja Lind Remix for Dezent is the stand out for uss.. very groovy EP thanks

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)
cool ep! 😉

Ivan Garci
great Ep,Dezent original is a great song…!!! nice sounds 😉

Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music)
The Original Mix of ‘Dezent’ works best for me, although great package overall. Support

BiG AL / Beat Factory / Harlem Knights (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque, Vapour, Dutchie, Acryl, Pesto, Apollo)
Both Originals are dope! Full support! Thx.

Tim Andresen (What Happens)
I think I’ll go! with Herr Glotz

The Messenger (Soul Industries/! I Record s/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…)
Nice EP! All tracks sounds great.

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Endemic Digital, Sounds of Juan, 26TeaDrops Internat)
OH MY WORD!! Nadja’s remix is simply gorgeous!

Russell Deeks (This is Why We Dance)
Quality deep house vibes, liking all the mixes here, will support

Smalz Ngobese (BPM Magazine (South Africa) &, Nu-Soul Magazin)
Dezent (Original Mix) is the one for me, thanks!rNduduzo Smalz Ngobese (BPM Mag South Africa)

And The List Goes On :) If you are interested in reading all the feedbacks you can find them HERE.

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