Gleaning Insights into the Electronic World

It should be no surprise to people who know me that I spend a lot of time reading. I read a wide range of material but over the last year starting DeepWit Recordings and now DeepWit Uncovered, I have spent more time then ever reading articles about the music world. Reviews of releases, bios, opinion pieces, and of course research on the subject of how the music business works. What I have found is that there is actually very very little research pieces out there, especially when it comes to not just House Music but especially Deep House Music.

What this means for all of the music lovers, artists and DJ’s out there, is that there is little to no collected information on what you guys really want. From how you prefer to be treated by labels as an artist, to how you prefer to be introduced to new music as a listener. As a huge lover of both music and research, I thought this would be a really nice side-project to undertake. So this is exactly what I am doing. I have started with 3 very short 10 question surveys to help me gleam some truth of what is really wanted by the Deep House World. This is just the start and over the next several weeks, the people closest to me will be harassed by me personally to help me complete my little quest with a few more surveys, and once I have all the data compiled and organized, I will be sharing it with all of you 🙂

The first survey is on basic information like demographics, purchasing and personal opinion-  Survey 1

The second survey is for Artists and Producers. Essentially how you want to be treated by a label and what you look for in one – Survey 2

The third is a general survey for those of you who support DeepWit, a way for us to better find what you want from us and help us cater to those wants – Survey 3

Thank you so much for the support and please pretty please feel free to pass these surveys on to your music loving friends. Each Survey is 10 questions and should roughly take less then 5 Minutes to complete.

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