Interview with Tunnel FM’s founder Marcelo Mendez

As a label owner and lover of music I spend a lot of time listening to mixes and radio stations, as I am sure many of you do as well. When I first started running the label, one of the first radio stations I feel in love with was Tunnel FM out of Stockholm, Sweden. For those of you unfamiliar with Tunnel FM, it is a station self proclaimed to be for “The love of Music” aimed at bringing to the table some of the best and most addictive music in the electronic music world. They offer up several different styles of show’s, although of course my personal favorites are aimed more at the Deep side of the house, like Marcelo’s own Deep & Deeper and Masterpieces. To see the full list of shows they air you can check out their lineup here. Our radioshow “DeepWit Podcast” is also aired on Tunnel FM once on the last Thursday of every month. Of course yes, this may make me a little bias to the Radio Station but honestly once you enter into the world of what Tunnel FM offers with its quality shows and broadcasting, its impossible to stay away. As the station grows, they are always striving to bringing in new DJ’s and shows to keep things moving forward, so you can be sure that if you are looking for station with substances, you have to look no farther then what Marcelo has created for all of us.  With all of this in mind, I wanted to learn more about the man behind the scenes, the challenges and the future of Tunnel FM and he was nice enough to indulge my curiosity with this interview 🙂

 One of the latest mixes from Marcelo Mendez on Deep & Deeper

Sierra: How is life going for you?

Marcelo Mendez: Ups and downs, times of high stress job on the radio, but I agree as things are going, the most important for me is that the personally and emotionally I feel very happy and stable. There’s always something or someone wanting to overshadow all that though.

S: What is the most challenging thing about running the Station?

MM: The Programming without a doubt. The radio is not only music, it is also form. This last time I have wanted to start with communication, I would like to have a space where I can inform about the changes that are happening inside the scene, what is happening to the labels, their latest releases, so many things that I can inform about, because I feel that the people are not yet accustomed to stay long at the computer to be literally just bombarded with only music. If a person doesn’t have the virtue of “communicating”, I mean, to tell others, is doomed to failure, I see that as a challenge with a very high risk.

S: What is the most enjoyable thing about running the Station?

MM: Being in the forefront of the music, meeting new people, helping and giving everyone the opportunity to showcase their work. I think that is one of the things that must be highlighted throughout this time for me.

S: As someone who listens to and enjoy’s your DJ mixes, I was curious how long have you been DJing and how did you get your start into electronic music?

MM: Thanks, I’m very happy to know that you and many people enjoy my work, it all begins in the year 1981 and is definitely confirmation of all occurs in 1986 and began working professionally in 1987 as a resident on Saturdays @ Fanfaren Club,  from there I start with what is called today Electronic Music, fan of Acid House, Hip House, etc… and everything that has to do with the Dance Music. But I am also able to use my Digital or analog turntable as a percussion instrument. (I consider myself a good Turntablist from the first generation).

S: If you had to pick a genre that you most enjoy mixing what would it be and why?

MM: My obsession for music never fails to be defined in a fixed style, but I can give an example of what I am currently working, then if I had to choose the style that I enjoy mixing would be Deep House, because there I can find all the very particular elements that I like and that distinguish it from any other style, a part containing all Soul of the House music, The crisp Sound, warm, sensual, sexy voices in some cases, everything! I feel very comfortable mixing Deep House!

S: When did you decide you wanted to run a radio station and when did you finally see your idea take shape into what we now know of as Tunnel FM?

MM: I always liked to spread the music so uninitiated ears can hear and learn more about this style of music, first in 1998 was only a website ( where I shared exclusive sets from different dj’s with different styles that characterize them. After a time I began to be more requested by different Radio Stations, until I had 4 different shows with permanent residence, in 4 different Radio Stations.

1) The Groove

2) Essentials Beats

3) Archive

4) Participation with 1 hour show at “Club Joven Mix”

The Radioshows were successful and gave me the opportunity to have more hours of show on air, and it was there I decided to create and work all that time in my own Radio (Online), and so in the summer of 2002 was born “Tunnel FM” and everything that has happened in between is history, now everything is more stable and I see that some things are already moving by themselves and are taking shape. I am currently working with Calin Marian, who is in charge of contacting interested labels who will promote their material and offer our support, I am very happy with him. Calin is a very smart and capable person, he puts a lot of passion to his work, always looking out for the welfare of the Radio. I have a very special affection for him and there is also a friendship between us for many years.

S: Tunnel FM is out of Sweden, so I was curious where you are originally from and if you enjoy living in there?

MM: I’m from the city of Valparaiso, Chile. Living in Sweden has not been easy for the weather conditions, Because I come from a fairly warm Country, but still really enjoy the quality of life here in Sweden, always gives me the opportunity to do many things and I enjoy it a lot, especially the night is where you find that energy and enthusiasm that exists in people and in the city.

S: What do you see as the future of Tunnel FM? Any big changes or plans for 2012?

MM: To be honest I never planned ahead for the future, usually never works. The changes will be occurring in the day to day, each time there are things that require some changes, like this morning, I woke up again thinking it’s time to start talking to my listeners and Meet the voice of “Tunnel FM”  and if that’s possible some day soon, they will know not only the voice, they also will know the Soul of Tunnel FM. Maybe that could be perhaps some change in the future, but nothing concrete yet. I’ll be all the time listening to suggestions from people, it helps me a lot to plan any changes, who knows, the voice of Tunnel FM could be a woman? seems that 2012 comes with many intrigues and surprises, jeje.

MM: I deeply appreciate this opportunity given to me, so people can know a little bit more about this big Radial family and at the same time to remember so many nice things have happened since the beginning of my career as a DJ, Thanks!

Muchas Gracias Marcelo for the Interview. All of us here at DeepWit wishing both you and Tunnel FM a successful and happy 2012!

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