Costa Lounge – Seraphine

Seraphine Costa Lounge

One of the most diverse and talented producers from Poland, Seraphine, brings us a two track EP which showcase his ability to provide both quality production alongside his interpretation of Deep House. With releases on labels like Loco Records, Brown Eyed Boyz Records, Ready Mix Records, Asymmetric Recordings and now a third appearance here on DeepWit, Seraphine is carving out a perfect niche for himself inside of Deep House. Let alone have we had the pleasure of releasing his music, we also work closely with him for all of our mastering for our releases here at DeepWit.

The title track “Costa Lounge” is a track that takes you to a sun drenched poolside with its organic warm flow and uplifting sparkling pads and congas. Perfect for providing that intimate warm groove for the dance floor. The remix of “Costa Lounge” comes from another Polish producer making a name for himself not just with his productions but his new label “We Are Music Mate”, Tom Bednarczyk. Tom’s remix provides a more lounge filled version, a trip into the dawn of a new day.

The follow up track on the release “Another Boring Love Story” is a track that can only be described as having a retro feel fused with more currant sounds which lead to the experience of having the past filled with today’s memories. With a build up into the deep house of now, it is a dark deep original fusion between the past and present, as all love stories are. DeepWit label owner, Alvaro Hylander’s remix is a deeper more sensual version of the original. Alvaro’s organic style lends itself perfectly to the lights out sweaty and hypnotic groove of the track while keeping a touch of the retro elements of the original helping to bring the past into the present.

Want to know what other Top Deep House Artists and Radio Shows Have to Say About the EP?

Dubble D / Moodymanc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
quality throughout…on the dl to have a play!

Soul Minority (Stratospherik | Kolour)
Alvaro remix is awesome, will play and support !!!

nice ep. alvaro is my favourite.

Paul Trelles (Proton Mixed)
alvaro’s remix for me

Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque)
Alvaro with the mix the matters

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
alvaros remix for me. nice!

Evren Ulusoy (I Records / Plastic City / Loco / Proton )
Alvaro’s version doing it for me.nice originals as well.Thanks!

Kruse & Nurnberg
Nice one from Alvaro 😉 THX

Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music)
Great package but it’s all about the Alvaro Hylander Remix for me.. full support

Marvin Zeyss (1Trax, Urban Torque)
Alvaros remix is nice!

Manuel Belgrano (iRecords – Alma Soul – Reisei)
Super groove by Alvaro! Amazing! Will play for sure. Thanks & Support!

Satoshi Fumi (Plastic City / Moodmusic/ Night Drive/Outerspace/Klik)
Alvaro for my set!smooth:))

Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound)
Alvaro is doing for me, thanks

Silt (Plastic City, Ready Mix Records, Brown Eyed Boyz)
Another Boring Love Story Alvaro Remix!! Awesome!!

City Soul Project (Savoir Faire Musique)
Alvaros mix is fantastic, also love the original mix of Costa Lounge

Javier Varez (alma soul music)

And The List Goes On :) If you are interested in reading all the feedbacks you can find them HERE.

Seraphine Costa Lounge

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