Doctors Without Borders Deep House Compilation

This week the one thing I have seen over and over, from my facebook feed to the news has been about Kony and the StopKony project from Invisible Children. On the heels of this video has been much controversy, from how Invisible Children is a horrible place to send your donations to how none of us should be patting ourselves on the back for just now realizing the issues that have been going on now for over 20 years in Uganda and the surrounding countries. Does it matter really so long as it has opened the eyes of tens of thousands to the issues facing this region?

Although I can say I was marginally aware of some of the issues facing Central Africa, I will admit I was not nearly as informed a week ago as I am today. I have argued my opinion that awareness is never a bad thing, even if, as many critics claim, the StopKony campaign is nothing but chalk full of misinformation. There is no reason, that if the video and the campaign has somehow touched your heart, that you can not use this wonderful thing called Google to get some real facts and figure out a way to actually help the people who have been effected by the LRA and Kony.

I am not an expert on the geopolitical forces at work in the region nor am I an expert in the health concerns that are so ever present on those people who’s lives have forever been changed by these forces. I am though a person who was born and has lived her entire life in a 1st world country, with an overabundance of food, shelter, clean water and safety. I can not even begin to imagine the suffering or the shear powerlessness many of the people touched by the LRA have experienced.

With that in mind, I really wanted to find a way to do something to help touch the lives of those living in Uganda and the surrounding countries like South Sudan, Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is my opinion and belief that anytime we let suffering happen to those we share this small world with, without extending a helping hand and a compassionate heart, we are not living up to our full potential as human beings.

After much consideration, debate and use of google and hours reading, we decided we wanted to do something to make the lives, even if just of a few people, better. We have decided we will release a Deep House compilation this Summer and every Summer from here on out with a 100% of the proceeds going to a select charity or organization that can do the most good with what we donate. We feel we are in a unique position to help spread the word and raise money to help those less fortunate then us throughout the world and with your help and the help of every person willing to extend their hands.

With that in mind, if you are a Deep House Producer that would like to be involved, please send us your Demo’s. Keep in mind the goal is to raise money, which this year we will donate to Doctors Without Borders, so we are looking for quality tracks that send a message of hope and healing. After all Deep House IS healing to the soul and we more then most realize the interconnected forces that bring us all together as a species. Even if you aren’t a producer you can help support Doctors Without Borders through donation or purchasing the compilation once it is released this Summer.

If you want to learn more about the issues surrounding Kony, the LRA and Uganda you can check out some of the links below and watch the video that started this whole cascade of awareness.

NPR – My personal preference for news.

Visible Children Piece

Foreign Policy Magazine Article 

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One Response to Doctors Without Borders Deep House Compilation

  1. This is a nice initiative from people who know how to use music to make the world a better place.

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