Healing – Jaidene Veda

Jaidene Veda is no new comer to the world of Deep House. This well rounded and talented singer, songwriter, producer and sound designer has worked with some of the most notable and inspiring artists out there from Glenn Underground, Josh Milan, Joe Claussel and Jimpster to a soon to be announced project with Ralf Gum. With countless chart topping releases, including “Sunday”, “Soul Sized Love” and “The One” and a voice that has become one of the most recognized in electronic music in the last several years, her name has become synonymous with quality.

“Healing” highlights her timeless voice and takes you on a journey from the first production of this track between her and Micah Lukasewich, which was mixed and recorded back in 2002 and is now just seeing the light of day alongside the updated version from her Anniversary edition of her Album “Pisces Pendulum”, written and produced by her and Victor Underground and featuring Pete Morris of The Rurals.

With a decade separating the tracks, it is amazing to hear how timeless her voice truly is and what is possible in the electronic music world when you pour your heart and talent into the music.


written and produced by Micah Lukasewich & J.Veda (© 2002 SOCAN)


written and produced by Victor Undergroundvibe & J.Veda

mixed & arranged by J.Veda

additional keys by Pete Morris

(© 2012 SOCAN)

Want to know what other Top Deep House Artists and Radio Shows Have to Say About the EP?

Kenny Dope

“Healing” is for me. Will play for sure, nice jazzy vibes.

Ralf Gum

lovely, lovely, lovely…

Josh Milan

Her music is so emotional. I love it.

Vinni Da Vinci


Nick Power

Loving Jaidene Veda

Danny Krivit

Can’t get enough Jaidene Veda.

Quentin Harris

Big Fan, love everything Jaidene’s done.

DJ King James

This is my kind of house music, lush vocals, nice beat & great vibes. I’m ready to dance instead of spin it!!! Healing is just vicious to me… so incredible.

Joey Silvero

Really a big fan of Jaidene’s voice, smooth and funky sounds

George Horn

Love the Vocal Mix. Perfect for starting off any set. Support All Around. Keep the good stuff coming!

Fresh 27

Like a moder Tracey Thorn. Magical. The voice of 2012 and beyond.

Helly Larson

Great Ep, Healing Vocal Mix is my pic. Full Support.


Veda Vocal is the one for me. Beautiful Track.

The Messanger

Nice Veda Vocal Feat. Pete Mo… AMAZING. Really Beautiful Work.

Feodor Allright & Elena Mechata

You Are Amazing! You Totally Rock! This is top quality Deep House Music 10/10. Please keep it up!

Lorenzo Al Dino

High Class on any channel… Full Support!

Deep Spelle

Track no 2 for me!!! Reminds me of the old days with Naked Music. What a voice!

Fer Ferrari

Very Nice!! Veda for me. Support!

Demarkus Lewis

Veda Vocal is too smooth.. perfect poolside music here.. sounding real nice Jaidene..

Evren Ulusoy

Love this Veda Vocal!

Miguel Garji

Nice 2 tracks, perfect for deepfusion. Full Support, thanks.

Satoshi Fumi

really love Veda Vocal! Smooth!

Alvaro Hylander

Delightful, Veda Vocal Mix, Proper Deep House!

Marcelo Mendez

I love the Artists who can make soft vocals sound Deeply Sexy, Full Support!

All Feedback and Full Track Listening

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