Silent Home – Autumn Park, Hammez, Ivan Garci & Soulight

“Silent Home” is a unique mix of tracks with each track and remix coming from a separate and distinct producer which gives this EP an unusual yet pleasant groove. The first track from Autumn Park, is a track with more of an Indie Dance feel, that catches you somewhere between a mellow cocktail lounge and a blissed out late night where you have lost your shoes. Ivan Garci’s remix of “Silent Person” takes you on a similar journey with a deeper and more melodic twist, well suited for a trip to the dance floor. The second original on the release from Hammez “Mom’s Home” is a feel good house track. with an upbeat and grooving vibe. The remix of this track coming from Soulight, takes the original and turns it into a bit dubber and deeper groove. With a release of such atypical styles and exceptional sounds, “Silent Home” offers you refreshing take on music.

Selected Feedback

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City Artist)

luca doobie (radio popolare – amnesia milano)
soulight 4 me 😉

Artette (Etoka, Deeper Meaning, Proton)
excellent release, deepness is here!

Deep Spelle (Soul Industries/ i Records)
Ivan Garci & Soulight for me!!

Richie (UM / UM Records)
Could have easily been a DeepWit (main label) release this one. Mom’s Home takes the limelight for the originals whilst both remixes tick my box – Ivan’s having a more instant appeal, but I suspect Soulights will be the kind of track you enjoy more and more as time goes by.

Smalz Ngobese (BPM Magazine (South Africa) &, Nu-Soul Magazin)
Awesome stuff, Ivan Garci & Soulight Remixes are really cool…

Mucho Soul
Keeping the flag flying for DeepWit, quality underground, Hammez Original followed by Ivan Garci remix are the standout tracks

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)
lovely release!

Amir Groove (Ibiza sonica)
Ivan Garci Rmx, brilliant work!

Tim Andresen (What Happens)
It’s all about Ivan Garci”s remix here. Amazing and something I’ll be playing in my sets!

ilias katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka )
Great ep ! the remixes are excellent ! thanks

Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty)
like both originals

John P. (
masterpieces inside! great release! thanks!

Andre Detoxx (DeepWit/SoundBar Records/Pesto/Um Records/Tanztone)
Hammez-Original -Hot Stuff !!

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