Various Artists Uncovered – BiG AL, Tony S., Asona, Max Volkholz, Ali Ayhan

DeepWit Uncovered aims at bringing a variety of styles and genres to the forefront with our Various Artists Uncovered Series. With that in mind our first V.A. features a range of tracks from Deep to Tech to House from very talented artists on the scene right now. The first one up comes from Max Volkholz with a track that is dark and bumping, blurring the lines between the Deep House and Tech House genres, suited to late nights and dark bars. Next up is a track from Tony S. with a very grooving deep feel that pushes you towards the dance floor with its rhythmic percussion. BiG AL then brings to the table a fierce and hypnotizing track that is overflowing with the house sound that is bound to get hips and feet moving. Ali Ayhan’s track takes us to a darker and more moody tech world that integrates some vibrant moving spoken word into the mix for those nights that need a meaning behind them. To round out the V.A is a pure house track from Asona, with its pulsating beats and rhythms and a splash of driving vocals that end the release on a dance floor mood. With the House world having so many flavor’s, moods and vibes to offer up, this is just a sampling of what we want to hear on our nights out on the town.

Selected Feedback

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Stripped, Tulipa, Endemic Digital, Sounds of Juan, 2)
Max Volkholz’s track is right up my street – as is ali Ayhan’s – will also try Tony’s and BIG AL’s!

luca doobie (radio popolare – amnesia milano)
big al, ali and asona for me thnx!

Andre Detoxx (DeepWit/SoundBar Records/Pesto/Um Records/Tanztone)
Asona has what it takes to shake !

Jesus Pablo (i! Records / Lost My Dog)
all over the Asona track… BIG… full support…

Dj Nova (RodonFM/Kapa/Peacelounge/Broken)
Tasty multi-artist release by DeepWit Uncovered. DJ Nova’s fave choices are the classic deep hypno ‘’Hypnotizedâ€! ™â€™ by BiG AL and Asona “Feel The Love”. The first one is a retrospective to the sound of house 2 0 years ago when most of the releases used to have amazing breakdowns like this and the second one is a gfuzzy groovy bomb with cool vocal sampler and nu old school house vibes on the breakdown. Tony S smooth afro percussive “Love This Feeling” with the imposing sound nice too.

Ivan Garci
all tracks are nice here,big al and ali ayhan are great,congratulations

Good release. Thanks. Hypnotized is my fav 🙂

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City Artist)

Richie (UM / UM Records)
Quality line up, building nicely track to track then hitting the sweet spot (for me anyway) at Ali Ayhan – captured my imagination that one. Then lifting the mood to an Ibiza terrace rush with Asona – once again you’ve introduced me to some new artists – thanks so much!

Russell Deeks (This is Why We Dance)
Quality as ever from DeepWit! Mark is overall, will support

Di Costa (Westradio)
Really impressed by Asona once again. Really starting to adore this guy. BiG AL delivers as well a fantastic bomb with his ‘Hypnotized’. Tony S. suggests quite cool sound again but yet gets one star less. The other two tracks by Max & Ali did a decent job as well. Congratulations to all the artists involved in this compilation. Will surely show my support! Thanks!

Smalz Ngobese (BPM Magazine (South Africa) &, Nu-Soul Magazin)
Great Package! Thanks

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