DJ Mix Competition for DeepWit Recordings

One of my favorite things is DJ Mixes. I love hearing great tracks strung together in unique and in an ear pleasing manner. I love how each DJ can bring his own style and personality to each mix. How they can lift you up or take you on a trip down a dark road. I especially enjoy listening to the unique ways people use DeepWit tracks in their mixes. With that in mind, we decided we would like to do a DJ Mix Competition.

We encourage everyone from our loyal fans and the DJ’s that continually support us to the DJ’s who have never heard of us to submit their mix. The label owners will pick the mix that has the best musicality, flow and gives us the most pleasure to hear as well as showcases what we do here at DeepWit.

Requirements to Enter and Submit

The mix has to be 1 hour  featuring only DeepWit Recordings and DeepWit Uncovered tracks. All submissions must be received by July 16th 2012 (we have extended the deadline due to so many asking for a little more time). Please send MP3 mixes compressed with a bio about yourself and the track listing via WeTransfer to or you can upload your set to soundcloud (please also include your bio and the tracklisting) and set it to Private and share only with us here on Soundcloud. After the winner has been picked you will be able to share your set in any manner you choose.

What you Receive if you Win

Winner receives a DeepWit Shirt of their choice as well as the next 3 releases for free. Their mix will also be played on Proton Radio, WestRadio, Tunnel FM and 2BContinued on our monthly Radio Show. As well as the mix going out to our subscribers on our Newsletter at the end of the August.

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One Response to DJ Mix Competition for DeepWit Recordings

  1. Dim.k says:

    GREAT Competition!!!!!! Let’s Mix some tunes!!!!!

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