Chop Shop – Sumsuch, The Disclosure Project and Deep Spelle


With over a decade of production under his belt and a wide ranging and eclectic sound that has been featured on labels like Urban Torque, Seven Music, Apollo and Etoka Records, the lead man on this release, Sumsuch is a welcome addition to the DeepWit Family. With this Single he delivers a captivating track with mesmerizing vocals and an overall smooth and refreshing deep sound. The analog feel combined with the addictive and striking bass line make this track as individual as Sumsuch himself.

 The Disclosure Project lives up to their ability to completely floor you with this stunning remix. Between the combined talents of these two and their impressive release catalog that features tracks on labels like Apollo, Behaviors, Onethirty Recordings, and of course their own imprint Disclosure Project Recordings it comes as no surprise. The classy vibe combined with breezy vibrant and luscious rhodes take this remix to a fantastical world where you can immerse yourself completely in the music.

Deep Spelle seems to be the man of hour in the Deep House scene. With multiple massive releases on IRecords, Lucidflow, Lens Media, Acryl, Seta Label and of course here at DeepWit, he is one of the fastest raising stars of the scene. With this remix he keeps the integrity of the Original while managing to integrate his own sound and vibe into the mix. With some fresh vocals and a few pads that has become part of his signature style this remix is perfect for those that want a more mellow version of the Original.

Chop Shop offers up a massive amount of talent all wrapped into a wonderfully deep and powerful release that belongs in a special place both on the dance floor and your music collection.

Select Feedbacks

Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records, Loco Records Supreme)
overall good release. thx for sending

Andy Ward 
strong release here… Deep Spelle mix equally as strong, if not the strongest for me !!

Demarkus Lewis
Disclosure mix for sure thx

Paul Trelles (Proton Radio )
Nice pack as usual, thanks :).

Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music)
Sublime mix from The Disclosure Project and great set of mixes overall. Full support

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
both remixes for me! nice! can you hook me up with these? 🙂 campaign is over already i guess 😉

Soul Minority (Stratospherik | Kolour)
Deep Spelle’s remix is Ace !

Pablo Fierro (Vida Records)
Nice pack thank you for send.

Q-Burns Abstract Message (8D Industries / Invisible Airwaves Radio Show)
Lovely tunes. All very swell, but it’s the Disclosure Project Remix that’s the one totally pulling at the heartstings. Thanks for it …

Lukas Greenberg

disclosure project & deep splle remix.

Jon Billick (Kula Records, Cosmic Disco, Lens Media)
Nice pack the whole way through, thanks!

Replika (Pesto Music, Deepology)
original and disclosure remix!! nice ep

Moodymanc/Dubble D/2020 soundsystem (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
love the disclosure project mix here… oozes class!

Harold Heath 
Nice work from the man like sumsuch, Disclosure proj. remix particularly doing it for me, its got one of those intros that mean DJs are going to use it as the first track on! their next mix. i will anyway. thanks for sending.

ilias katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka )
Great original track and the remixes are excellent !

Evren Ulusoy (i! Records/ Plastic City / Loco / Moodmusic)
remixes are for me.thanks! r

George Horn (Cromarti Records)
The Disclosure Project Remix is Gold as expected.. I’ll be playing this. Thanks for the choons as always guys cheers!



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