Free DeepWit Tracks (NOW OVER)

Every once in a while it is reallllly nice to get something for free. The world economy is still struggling, every day the news brings more things to make us not want to get out of our beds and for most of us our day jobs leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes, we just need a little ray of sunlight and a place to go to lose our troubles, even if for a few hours. For us here at DeepWit, the only thing that makes us lose ourselves, that lets us really kick back and appreciate life, as well as the thing that gives us a sense of connection to the rest of the world, is music.

So I thought as I woke up this morning standing in our freezing beautiful yard, what I could do to give back to all of the people that help make music a central force in our lives… of course the answer was music, FREE music. So for today, November 28th, 2012, and for today only, we are making available a free download of 10 of my personal favorite DeepWit tracks to the first 10 people to redeem the code from our Facebook Page.

A big thanks to all the artists who provide us the music to lose ourselves in and all of the DeepWit fans who make it possible by normally purchasing the music which allows us to keep the label alive.

Download Your Free 10 Tracks From DeepWit

Make sure to put in the Redemption Code/ Password to be able to download your Free Tracks!

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