When life hands you Lemons….

Along that theme, in the almost year since I have posted, life has been throwing lemons at us… several of them rotten.

We have bought a house, which comes with both freedom and expenses. We bought a puppy, which comes with both love and frustration. I lost my job, with the stress and worry that comes along with that. We… ok Alvaro… built a beautiful studio room so both him and I could better focus on the music, only now are we managing to spend any time in it. I grew a garden, had a major depressive episode and we quit smoking. So as you can see, the year has been in several ways both amazing and one of the worst I have ever had.

There comes a point, I think for almost everyone, you just become overwhelmed. The stress, the worry, the fear, the constant commercialism, need for acceptance, the greed and self importance of the average person, the stupidity of the worlds leaders, just becomes too much and you have to retreat and regroup. I had to step away from the label and honestly just about everything else. I had to crawl into my bed and hide for a few months. It is Ok. It is ok to need a break, it is normal to fall to pieces occasionally and it only makes you realize and accept how very human you are when you fall into a depression. I tried to be open and real with my struggle via social networks, in hopes that people would be able to understand and to have an honesty with those in my life that I often see lacking.

That has been my entire struggle this year. Truth.

The truth of who I am, on both good and bad days. The truth of others, how my truth is not necessarily your truth, how honesty is mocked and treated as a negative emotion and how different truths affect different people at different places and times in their lives. How truth and honesty are not allowed in our society. Where being fake and phony are prized above everything, to promote that fake-ness and to how this effects one of the underlying principle of who I am, which is to strive at all times to be honest and open.

We run DeepWit in a way that coincides with who we are. We always want there to be clarity in the how and why of what we are doing, we want there to be honesty between us and our artists and that there is an understanding we neither expect them to kiss our asses and we have no intention of kisses theirs. If you are someone who does not like this, who does not want honesty, real feedback on your music from our point of view, or does not appreciate the fact we will always be a 100% truthful with you, then we are not the label for you. We are not the people to have in your life or you a person to have in ours.

This is what I have realized after this long year, I get to choose to be truthful and honest, even if others choose not to.

With this mindset, with a bit more clarity of who I have become, who I want to become, where the label is and where we want it to go, we have a big year ahead of us. We have a new start that comes tomorrow with our first release in several months where we will be a 100% present and involved in. With new artists joining the label, a new vision and hopefully some great surprises for everyone along the way. So prepare yourselves for honesty and the quality music that can come out of that honesty!

About sierramay
Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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