DeepWit Essentials – Our Top Tracks Week 40

Like many blogs and websites out there, we thought “Hey, why not make a weekly chart?” We already keep track of all the new music coming out. First off because we obviously like music. Second, so Alvaro is always up to date for his gigs and the new “DeepWit Sessions”  radio show he will be hosting, which starts this month and third, so we can keep an eye on any new artists we might want to sign to our own label. I also intend to throw in the odd track or two, mostly because I am also a big fan of Indy music and we have the opinion ONLY listening to one or two genres is both bad for your personal and musical growth 🙂

To start us off on this first week we want to highlight The Messengers remix of “Trust” which comes originally from Mattias Vogt on Alma Soul Music, with their first Limited edition Vinyl.

Next up we have a “new” comer on Acryl Music, Foamy Chew, with his doubt EP featuring 4 lovely tracks. Alvaro and I actually rather disagree to which track is the best, so I present both of them to you for your consideration.

And we can not of course, forgot our release from this week, as come on… it must be a favorite or we wouldn’t have released it. The Original track “Enough” comes from one of favorite producers and people, Tony S. The Single also includes remixes from dEEPoint and Ellroy.  Make sure to keep your eyes out though, as we used Tony’s track for a remix contest and the 3 winners will be on a new release at the end of this month with a re-edit of the Original.

We can not go through the top five of this week and not mention The Timewriter‘s latest EP “Epicaly Strong at Heart”. Beautiful release with his signature style, though for me personally the one that really hits me is the title track.

Now lets take a detour into an Indy vibed electronic pop alley to introduce , a Danish singer and artist. I am mega picky about female vocals and this woman nails it for me. Her music has everything I need, mixing up a variety of sounds and styles in a way few can pull off. This track is not actually for release yet but you can pre-order!

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