DeepWit Essentials – Week 41

Its Friday and that means it time for us to share our favorite releases of the week with you 🙂
Having a blast with this as it is such a nice change of pace from running the label and enjoying how good it feels to be giving our support to some really well deserving artists and labels out there!

Lets start right away with my favorite producer…. my husband! Who is Alvaro Hylander, you know, just in case you don’t know.  He has a new remix out this week on the wondrous UM Records with the Original track coming from Kurtz. This is one you will want in your bag for sure and remember to check out the other tracks as well, UM never disappoints!


Have you heard the new release on Ready Mix Records yet? If not, you are in for a stunning and happy surprise with the Sebastian Davidson remix of Mattik & No Rabbitz.


Now for a little love for a two track EP from a personal friend and a man who has taught us a lot about running a label, Tim Andresen.  This EP comes on his own label What Happens. Of the two tracks, Do It, is my favorite but Transition has a very cool experimental sound and feel worth hearing.


O h h h and this track, this is the track you play when you just want all the ladies to start melting on the dance floor. Alvaro snagged up the Vinyl for his birthday and lets just say, there is NOTHING sexier than a good looking man behind the decks playing this track. Thanks Fjaak for this gem!


This next one was a tip from a friend in S.A. One listen and we were in love. Nuno Estevez, the man behind the label Just Move Records, where the release comes from, is the one that offers up the remix of Thorne Millers “All of You” that I just can’t get enough of.


And of course we can’t forget my attempt to expose you all to some great Indy music 🙂 The very talented and insanely young duo Franklin come from London and all I can say is That voice! Those guitars! Moodiness to wrap yourself in, loooove it.

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