DeepWit Essentials – Week 42

Ever have one of those weeks were you are just mega busy? This always tends to happen right around the time Alvaro needs to prepare for a DJ’ing gig. Good thing about it all is at least at the end of this crazy busy week, we are headed out to spend the day in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Despite having lived here for several years and making a dozen or so trips to the Capital, there is ALWAYS more to see. Really looking forward to a trip to the Botanical Garden and Museum, as it has a free entrance plus this year has brought beautiful fall colors to the plants AND it is practically right across the street from Culture Box and only a couple of blocks from our hotel. With having had both Alvaro’s birthday and our Anniversary in the last couple of weeks, we thought to turn the whole weekend into a celebration. Who doesn’t love a stroll in a beautiful garden, before enjoying some delicious food and a night of great deep house music surrounded by the best people to party with in CPH?

Make sure if you are in Copenhagen tonight and looking for a good time to join us at Culture Box, the best club in the city, for the monthly What Happens night with some great DJ’s including our very own Alvaro Hylander. Thanks Tim Andresen for bringing us down again!

Now onto the tracks of the week, with a huge thank you for everyone who sent me music to listen, it was a huge help!

To start we are happy to feature something a bit unusual for DeepWit but it was so damn good we couldn’t turn it away. Mesake‘s production combined with Indre Ju’s vocals floored us. With remixes from tONKPROJECT, KSKY and DJ Deeka, there is a diversity and variety of sound in this release rather unexpected.


Then to move onto something a bit more …. well Cadatta. Our very first release came from this talented and original Greek producer and in his latest release with Hypothermik he stays true to his ability to take you down a tripped out and deep experience.


From Cadatta we move to Powel. With his latest release on Fina Records, which was originally a vinyl and is now available digitally, it really has a dreamy landscape although perhaps a bit dark. This is my favorite track from the 4 track EP.


With that we get a bit more deep house with a new release from one of our own producers, Tony S. His latest release is on DeepClass Records and has his uplifting touch all over it. Make sure to check out his other releases, including his single “Enough” that we released a couple of weeks ago.


This moves us right into another set of producers we have worked with, HouseRiders with Helly Larson‘s remix of “Nite Grooves” which recently came out on King Street Sounds. Beautiful deep sounds all around.


Looking for something deep, classy and with just a touch of soulful disco vibes? This track from Deep Sound Express & Too Techs on Pole Position Recordings might be the one for you.


Now for something a bit more uplift and housey. Sometimes you just can’t resist… Thanks Ben Weber and Axel Eilers for this track on Light My Fire!


Wishing you all a really awesome Saturday night!

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