DeepWit Essentials Week 43

We are going to have a quick chat about a few words and phrases being thrown around that people seem to not understand the definitions of.

  • Quality Control – the activity of checking goods as they are produced to make sure that the final products are good. (Note, not ok but good)
  • Flood the Market – choke, fill, glut, oversupply, saturate (Note that these tend not to be positive words)
  • Self Respect – regard for one’s OWN standing or position,  a proper respect for oneself.
  • Sub-standard – below standard or less than adequate.
  • Incorrect – having errors or mistakes.

Most self respecting artists and producers do not want to flood the market with tracks that are sub-standard or incorrect musically. We are not talking about genre or personal taste. We are talking about music that is incorrectly made, features notes out of key and vocals in the incorrect spots, for example. This music in my opinion should NOT be given away for free, let alone released, as it is an offense to your fans, the hard working artists around you and the music community in general. End of story in my book.

Go ahead and put that track you made in 6 hours and no label will take on soundcloud for free, but do not expect us to respect you for it or sign you to our label. Remember, being signed to a good label is just as much about your image and backstory as it is about the quality of your music.

I would like to also take a moment and clear up a misunderstanding that happened on Facebook recently. This was the part that really pissed off a few people –

I am tired of free give away tracks, cool you do one every once in a while but there are SO DAMN MANY of them. I refuse to even listen to another free track… because admit it, if it was good enough to get on a decent label you probably wouldn’t be giving it away for free. When that changes, let me know and I will start listening to them again.

Let me make myself clear, if you are giving away a free track a week, or even a month, if you are sending tracks to labels and those labels say “no thanks” and you give it away for free at that point… I am not going to see this as anything worth my time listening to.
Ya blah blah the music industry is changing (guess who is giving all these people a taste for free music in the first place… viscous cycle, I know), blah blah you are going to discourage people (if you are discouraged by feedback, honest feedback, get out of the music business now before it crushes your soul, seriously!), blah blah a lot of other stuff I don’t believe.
If on the other hand, you on the rare occasion make and give a quality track away for free, for example for getting several thousand likes (real ones not bought ones mind you!) that is awesome, what a great promotion and thank you wrapped into one! Even a couple of times a year could be pretty decently ok. There are two very important questions you need to ask yourself though before you give a track away for free.

  1. Would a label I love and respect consider signing it?
  2. Am I proud of this track and am I giving it away as an honest thank you to the people who got me where I am?

If so, sure I would love to hear it. If instead though I can see you are an artist pumping out 3 tracks a week and giving away almost as many, I am just going to skip right over you and go after someone who respects the industry and all the other artists, mastering engineers, graphic designers, managers, DJ’s, clubs and most of all the fans.

Now onto this weeks chart, for those of you who made it this far 🙂

Lets start with a track that is being given-away for free from the producer. Its a quality track and what better way to make my point! This track comes from one of our personal favorite artists here on the DeepWit label Max Volkholz. Make sure to check out his not so free tracks, worth every penny.


Onto a track I am madly in love with. THIS is music and Harold Heath is nothing short of a musical magician. Did I say I love it? Thanks Ospina Digital Records for getting this out into the world.


Now for a little love for Oh So Coy Recordings with this smoooooth track from Tidy Daps. The track is perfectly named in my opinion!


Now for a track that has just a really beautiful feel good vibe to it from Allan Zax on Grouper Recordings.


From here we go to an older release that I just happen to adore. Alvaro got the promo a while back from a relatively new label Lagaffe Tales and now that it is out, I would love to see this track getting the recognition it deserves. Big up 45m1r for this track.


Last one up is an LP that has been in our car on repeat over the last couple of weeks and I even catch Alvaro playing it in the house. Quality real music that never grows old! Thanks Marbert Rocel and Compost Records for music that gives us goosebumps it is so damn good! Enjoying the new remixes that are out but the originals are where it’s at for us!

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  1. Glad you like 45m1r’s release 🙂

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