DeepWit Essentials Week 44

Two days late on my weekly blog post? Oh ya… it was one of those weeks for sure. You know, the kind that feels like you got kicked in the chest by a horse. At least there was a variety of really good music put out this week and unfortunately also some really good music that we decided not to include in the list due to stolen vocals and vocals that come straight from sample packs. Such a shame when that happens, luckily though, there are still enough original producers out there that we have plenty of quality tracks to feature!

We are also getting ready to start our new Q&A series, where I will ask both some silly and serious questions to producers we are currently working with. Any questions you wish people would ask producers or anything that you’re dying to know? Leave us a comment with your question below with a way to contact you or on our facebook page at DeepWit. If we choose to use your question, we will send you the release with that artist for free 🙂

We are going to start off with an uplifting track from Good Stuff Recordings and Vicmoren who is one of the owners at Perception Music.


Next up comes a young and very talented producer out of the UK we recently released with, Loz Goddard. His new EP is quality as expected.


No surprise from the next release either coming from one of our favorite labels UM Records. With the Originals coming from Anthony Mea and some great remixes from Kurtz and City Soul Project, it is just one more in a long line of great releases from UM.


Now for some music with another one of the artists we have worked with in the past, Thanos T. with his latest EP on Itom Records


Then of course you have to have a listen to Plastic City’s latest from Oscar Barila. Although not crazy about all the tracks, digging the dark driving groove of the title track “Analog Zombies”… plus you have to admit thats a pretty awesome name.


This is a a release from one of my favorite labels that I wish would release more Haute Musique. There new release features a remix from an artist who is about to debut on our Autumn Air Sampler at the end of the month, Portofino Sunrise. Smooth sexy vibes with a killer bass line, can’t ask for more in my opinion.


I love surprises and finding one of our favorite label producers Tom Lown doing a remix for Tomas Malo on Deep8Recordings, which turns out to be a quality label thats new to us, is a happy surprise indeed. The tracks not out yet but will be released tomorrow (Monday the 4th of Nov.).


And last but not least comes from a producer we have had on the label, Alex Sosa, who has teamed up with another producer, Gareth Bilaney, that we would love to get on the label. They both run and operate great labels as well and have done something really cool with this release. To get the Alex Sosa remix you have to head over to his label Lovely Records and to grab the Gareth Bilaney remix you have to head to his label Bilanez Music. This is the sort of collaboration that keep we would love to see more of in the future.

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One Response to DeepWit Essentials Week 44

  1. Nick Denny says:

    Thanks for these gems, 6 purchases made from the above and I was only aware of the Loz Goddard release… chuffed indeed. Thanks again = )

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