DeepWit Essentials Week 45

Everyones different. Different opinions, views of the world and different personalities. That is what makes each and every one of us precious and unique, while at the same time we all remain basically the same. We all want love and acceptance, we all want to feel special while deep down many of us don’t even believe we ARE special. We want to feel connected, not just to those close to us but to those that share the same love for the things we do. This is part of what makes this time in the musical world such a special one, this is where music is truly becoming global and musical genres can connect two people on opposite sides of the earth. This is a personal story to me as well, of how I met my husband. Of how music can connect, embrace and heal parts of you, that you may not have ever known were broken. With that in mind, let us take a moment to rejoice amidst all the chaos, controversy and complaining, that we live in an age we are all connect through at least one thing


With all that in mind we are going to start off with some wonderful music for moments of musing from Etoka (which is one of my all time favorite labels, if you aren’t a fan, you need to be!) with their latest release which is exclusive on their bandcamp from Adverb. The release includes a phenomenal track from the man behind our masters, Nikosf. Just save yourself time and grab the entire release.


Have you heard, label veteran Ivan Garci has started his own label? Make sure to check out Vlosfer Records and while you are at it have a listen to his latest release with Clinique Recordings. To be honest not a big fan of the remixes but the originals from Ivan are beautiful.


Now for another artists who has appeared on DeepWit in the past, Krummstoff. His remix of DJ Ax on Dutchie Music is pure feel good class.


Oh and one more… what can I say? We do love the music of the artists we release with! This track is just another example of good quality Deep House music from one of best musicians I have personally had the pleasure to met, Ilias Katelanos. Outstanding track from him on Elektrik Dreams Music.


Ok I lied… two more tracks from label artists 😉

This ones from Tony S, who just seems to be the man taking up all the limelight lately. This is his new track on Breakin Bread. Love the vocals!


Now for the last of our label artists on this weeks chart, BiG Al, with his latest release on Itom Records.

Now go on, spread the love and joy of the music and bask in the feeling of connectedness it brings!

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