DeepWit Essentials Week 46

Although normally a very decisive person, I have found myself feeling a bit indecisive. Maybe its having Alvaro around the house so much while he is on “bed rest” which he has somehow managed to translate into “studio rest”. Men are stubborn by nature but musicians are stubborn and too charming for their own good. Lets add in the excessive amount of foreign language speaking (oh Danish couldn’t you be a bit easier?) and job interviews alongside my beguiling husbands Spanish accent and no wonder I can’t think straight… At least I am getting the blog out on time this week!

Lets jump right in with some music to sooth my otherwise really rattled nerves from Bilanez Music which includes a mix from one of the best DJ’s out there, Di Costa. Great guy with amazing mixing skills! 15 tracks of great quality music that you really shouldn’t miss this week.

This is one I heard a while back as Alvaro got it as a promo. I really have to say I am loving what this label puts out. Makes me want to take a little trip to Iceland to enjoy some of it first hand! Thanks Lagaffe Tales and Magnoose for this outstanding music.


Know one of the things I love and don’t think there are enough of? Awesome female producers releasing on my favorite labels (mine included!). A big thanks to Ready Mix Records for bringing Miss Disk on board, her remix takes the cake!


On a side note, Large Music, have I mentioned how much I love the music you release? The new Leigh D Oliver, especially the last three tracks, including the Max Graef remix, are stellar. A big bow of respect for maintaining both quality and awesomeness in your releases.


To finish this week up we are going to showcase one of our most popular release “series” we do here at DeepWit, our Seasonal Samplers. With fall full in effect here and our new Autumn Air slotted to come out on the 25th of this month, I want to share with you this moody deep Autumn Sampler from last year with tracks from Dave Marian & Deephoniq, Lloyd Trimmer, Loz Goddard, Monsieur Electronique, and O’berg & Leverin.

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