DeepWit Essentials Week 47

Music, Animals, Music, Animals, Music, Sleep, Coffee, Music. Not too bad a week eh? Now to all that music 🙂

We are going to start this week with a release that is exclusively available on Bandcamp. I really can not express how happy I am to see more and more labels setting up shop here. Check out this totally spaced out ambient flow from Alveol & Christoph Kardek on Lovezone Records.

Hard to figure out what to follow that up with so I am going to share another track with a very hypnotic and calming vibe for me. This track comes from Tim Andresen on his own renowned label What Happens. I also hear he will be DJ’ing down at Six D.O.G.S in Athens on Friday 13th December. Jealous of both Athens and Tim >.<

From that lovely track we skip on over to James Dexters remix of “Keep A Light On” on Lost My Dog. Good unique vocals with a good groove will get me every time.

This is nice little Compilation from Swink Music Records. Some gems in here.

I don’t want people thinking I am bias…. but damn I love Alvaro’s music. Nice being married to my favorite producer, Alvaro Hylander. Thanks Rissa for bringing him back to your label Nightchild Records.

Lets follow it up with some Detriot Swindle on Freerange Records. Really no more words are needed.

This one I am sharing for two reasons. The music on this Kolorit Records release is outstanding AND until the 25th of Nov, they are doing an auction on Ebay to purchase both the test pressing of this release alongside another record from their 12th release and lots of stickers. All of which goes directly to charity to help those in need after the Tsunami in the Philippines. One word – Love.

And to wrap this week up we are sharing a little something from Large Music and Sek. They are giving away a free track titled “Hide and Seek”. Thanks for the quality free music and appreciation!

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