Q&A with Adjust

I love the Fall. I love the smells, the colors and that need to try and capture every bit of warmth and sunlight before the winter sets in. To celebrate this lovely time of year, we have released an Autumn Sampler every year since we started the label. Our next one comes out Monday, November 25th and on this lush Fall moods compilation is slew of new artists to the label, including Adjust. He is better known for his work as half of Zweistein and the label he runs out of The Netherlands, Cosmic Disco Records.


Q. Name and Favorite Color?

A. Willem de Poorter, I don’t have a fav. Multiple colors makes life beautiful.

Q. Why do you bother making music?

A. Music is my life. I can express my creativity in making music.

Q. How long have you been DJing?

A. This question makes me feel old haha.. My first gig was at a school party when I was 12 years old. I never quit spinning so it should be 25 years long.

Q. Favorite country to DJ in?

A. Every country has good and bad spots.

Q. Favorite country to eat cake in?

A. Just give me a beer please. In my county The Netherlands or even better in a more sunny country.

Q. Do you have any other current releases out at the moment or about to come out?

A. Plenty. I’m half of producer duo Zweistein and we’ve released on DeepClass Records, Crossworld Vintage, Purple Sun, Shelving Music, Blue Orb, Nightchild and more. In addition I’m owner at Cosmic Disco Records. Besides my solo productions you can find artists such as Sunshine Jones, Echonomist and Addex on my label.

Q. What are your favorite labels and or producers?

A. I can’t name them all, it are too many. To name a few: Deepwit, Stil Vor Talent, UM Records, Plastic City, Ready Mix, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Todd Terje, Noir, Dubtribe, Francois K.

Q. Favorite Genre of music outside of what you produce?

A. Experimental Jazz and funk.

Q. What time are you in bed on a typical Saturday night?

A. You mean Sunday morning 😉

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you?

A. The only wishes I have is to stay healthy and have a life full of happiness.

Thanks so much Willem for taking the time to be involved in our Q&A and a big welcome to the label family. We are looking forward to your release with us next spring with the flute dub version of “Get Out” alongside some quality remixes . In the meantime make sure to catch up with him on his Soundcloud and the Zweistein facebook page.


About sierramay
Sierra Maydell A&R/PR/Label Manager Skype: deewitrecordings http://www.deepwitrecordings.com WP: https://deepwitrecordings.wordpress.com/ DeepWit@me.com

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