DeepWit Essentials Weeks 48 & 49

Yaya I missed last weeks chart. We were to busy stuffing our faces with Thanksgiving and being thankful for everything we are lucky enough to have. I totally lost track of all other responsibilities outside of side dishes and left over turkey sandwiches, which is my favorite thing about the holidays except for maybe pumpkin pie 🙂

To make up for it I am going to cram this weeks chart full of great music from the last two weeks, including some top notch vinyls and two releases from a label that I recently stumbled upon… ok Alvaro found it but I am in love regardless. I did after all marry the man in part for his excellent taste in music 😉

Lets start off with aforementioned label, sinnmusik. Some really lovely and original things coming from them including this sublime Vinyl release from Georgi Barrel.


Next up some love for one of my favorite producers Youandewan. As a matter of fact, I am not sure Alvaro and I would be married without some of their music having smoothed the way. Great little remix from them on Vinyl from Black Key Records.


This one comes from Kolorit Records and the man behind the label, Thomas Sonora, just one more to add to the ever growing Vinyl collection eh?


And the last vinyl on the this weeks chart comes from Traxx Underground and although all the tracks are good we have a strong preference for the last track “House Apnea (Moov Mix 2013)”.


From Vinyl lets switch on over to digital with another release from sinnmusik… told you, I am in love with the stuff they put out. Thanks Aérotique & Parra for Cuva for this!


Another feature on the blog for Highway Records with this great EP from Sasse. All tracks offer up a sublime sampling for your ears.


Now to Itom Records latest release with Fer Ferrari and Deep Active Sound killer remix.


And can UM Records release anything thats not worth charting? Lets hope not. This is our pick of the bunch from the Numusic VA, thanks Santiago Santamaria, we are always big fans of your work.


From Santiago to another artist we have a lot of respect for, Onur Ozman with his latest release on Ready Mix Records. The Original is where its at.


And a little dub love time with the Matt Prehn Dub on his label Oh So Coy Recordings.


Now for something that deserves a lot of love and respect, one because the track is outstanding and heart melting, second because it goes to fund an awesome cause of helping to build a school for children in need. Jimpster + Charity = Love.


Rounding it out for the week, we end with our latest Seasonal VA Sampler, Autumn Air with 5 lovely mood setting Deep House tracks from Portofino Sunrise, Adjust, D.M.P, Reeggo, and MrP.

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