DeepWit Essentials Week 50

This week went by so fast, as now in retrospect, it feels the year did. Admittedly, there were times this year we never thought it would end, or end well at least. Always nice to be pleasantly surprised eh? Happy to see the end of this year and the start of next, especially with our new release out this week and the two more (yes dos) releases we have this month before the start of 2014. With this weeks release including the three top tracks from our first ever remix competition, the next release full of ace deep house tracks from Reagan Grey, Alvaro Hylander and Demarkus Lewis, and releasing on the last day of this year our first ever multi-label compilation, the year could not end on a better note.

Starting us off, lets get straight into our latest release, “Enough Remixed” which includes a ReEdit of the Original “Enough” from Tony S., and the three remixes which won our remix competition in September. Really looking forward to doing a few more remix competitions in 2014!

From one of our own releases to one of the artists we have worked with in the past and look forward to working with more in the future is the new remix from Ilias Katelanos on Relux Music, another Danish based label.

Now onto a track from a gent who is a new name to us, Tobi Danton but on a label with an outstanding track record and unique stance on music, Alma Soul Music. Really enjoyed both the Originals on this release but this track is the one we feel the most.

There are tracks that produce this urge inside of me to hit the repeat button and crawl into a comfy chair and stair out of the window or into a fire and let my mind wander all day. This track is EXACTLY one of those and this very talented producer has it up for free download on his soundcloud. You can of course head on over to bandcamp and buy the track if you appreciate it as much as we do. Plus there are some other really awesome and unusual tracks up for grabs from the Raftonar release worth checking out.

Now to round out this weeks digital releases is the “Best Of 2013” compilation from Large Music. Being one of our favorite labels of the year, this is a compilation worth having. Timeless Music ftw.

Now for the one vinyl we ran across worth adding to your cart this week, although it won’t officially be out until next week, the way vinyls are selling these days, its always better to pre-order when you can. Especially when its a vinyl from Gorge from 8bit.

enough remixed small

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