DeepWit Essentials Week 51 & 52

Ever notice that while you are at work, the weeks just move at a normal pace and yet as soon as you have a few days off they fly by? Well this post is long over due but on the upside it just gave me more time to find several more great tracks worth sharing. There are three sections in this weeks chart, Vinyl, Digital and Free. Something for everyones tastes 🙂


Starting off is Clear Vinyl from Chocky on Flumo Recordings. Beautiful Vinyl to match the infectious grooving sounds. Goosebumps anyone?

Next up is a Vinyl from a local label from here in Denmark, Relux Music. Really enjoying the Retro House feel of the Mike Salta remix of Cristoph‘s “Evs Groove”.

For some more laid back vibes we turn to Moods & Grooves Records and this killer 4 track Vinyl from Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana. Hooked from the second we heard the first track.

We actually had some other vinyls we wanted to share with you but sadly I couldn’t find any playable links to share with all of you 😦

Digital Releases

Lets kick it off with our last Single of the year from Agent Libre, a new moniker from Reagan Grey, who also features on the release with a great remix alongside remixes from Demarkus Lewis and Alvaro Hylander. Hands down one of the best DeepWit Releases and perfect for New Years Eve.

Now for the newest release from UM Records from Theo Tag & G-Spice with remixes from George Horn, Matty Gillespie and Anthony Mea. Good music as always from UM.

Here is one from one of our label artists, BiG Al, with his remix of Rishi K.’s latest on Seta Label.

And from BiG Al, to his label Ready Mix Records. Love this track from Bluebook and the remixes from Pion, BiG Al, Felipe L and Dan.K are worth checking out.

And one more from another label artist, just for good measure. Tom Lown‘s remix of Andras Bader on Blue Orb Recordings. Another smooth and admirable piece of music from Tom.

Moving along to another label based here in Denmark , Gartenhaus with their new “Twisted Remixes” including new remixes from Dirty Culture and Leman & Dieckmann.

If you like your music lush and dreamy than be sure to check out Lovezones new release with Dave Pad. With remixes from Addex and Terry Lee Brown Jr. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

One of our favourite producers, The Planty Herbs has a new track out. Never heard a track from them we didn’t love. This is Deep Classy Groovy Music at its best.

We finish up the digital releases with another label artist, Tim Andresen with a new track from him on Southpark Records. Have a listen.

Free Tracks

Now for some free music from Detriot Swindle. Make sure to grab it by the 1st of 2014.

Now for an artist who has been on the rise for a while now and will be gracing DeepWit in 2014 with a remix in the Spring. Always nice to share free quality tunes, thanks Deep Active Sound!

Everybody Needs Love right? Thanks Santi Touch 🙂

Now lets backtrack to Lovezone Records and enjoy their lovely little Christmas Present to all of us which is up on their Bandcamp page. Some lovely mellow and relaxed vibes in here.

To round us off for this last post of the year, we are happy to share with all of you a couple of tracks which are available for Free Download on our Bandcamp until January 1st, 2014. Nothing like free quality Deep House and House music from Max Volkholz, Tony S., BiG Al, Ali Ayhan and Asona. This VA was originally released on our sub-label DeepWit Uncovered.

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