DeepWit Essentials Week 1 & 2

How was your week? Ours was one of those pleasantly bland weeks that went by quickly without too many complaints and just enough laughter and smiles to be reminded of how lucky we are. Rounding out the week we finished up with an adventure out to the coast and some quality new house tunes.

We start with a Vinyl from Cabinet Records and Honesty.


Grooving right along onto a release you can grab both digitally and on vinyl, your pick from OFF Recordings. Some great tracks on this little VA but the one from Moonwalker is the one that stands out for us.


Next up is a great release from I Records from Bas Roos & Nick de Morsain.


If you need something really good but a little different this remix from Omer Grinker of Monkey Brothers track “Golden Fish feat. Giedre” on Parallel Label.


Now for a look at a new release from a regular label on our chart, Ready Mix Records. The new one from Marco Grandi is one to get your hands.


Some labels and artists you go back to time and again because you know they offer quality. This new remix from Tom Lown on Savoir Faire Musique is exact example of this.


And one of my favourite things about doing this blog chart is running across new names and labels, and this release on sub.spiele and Doyeq made my night. Nothing like finding great new music.


Rounding out the chart this week is a Free Download from Luna The Cat, with 13 chilled out delicious deep tracks.



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