DeepWit Essentials Week 3 & 4

Normally I am a strong, independent and rather fierce woman. These last two weeks though I was none of the above, due to having one hell of a flu that just won’t go away. There are few things that reduce me to a big baby, one of them is being sick. Normally they say men are the biggest babies when sick but in this house, I take the cake. The other, just in case you were wondering, is being hungry. The one upside of being sick though,  is that I have been home a lot to hear all the great music that came out these last couple of weeks and I am happy to have some really beautiful tracks to share with all of you 🙂

Per usual lets start off with some Vinyl. This release is just pure class from Four Walls & Funky Jaws on Kolour LTD. Quality all the way through, just what you look for when buying a lovely piece to add to your collection.


Onto digital releases we have this lovely remix from Kollektiv Turmstrasse on Freerange.


The new EP “Face to Face” from Ross Couch on Body Rhythm is really nice and Booker T offers a great soulful remix to the pack but “Can’t Deny Your Love” is the track for me on this one.


Onto more of the same style and class coming from Junktion on Outplay. These three tracks are all worth owning and leave you wanting more of this classic Deep House sound.


Now for the latest from a label that just can’t seem to go wrong, Large Music. This one from Purple Velvet is as lush as the duo’s name suggests.


From Large over to Dutchie Music. The Harold Heath remix stands out for us, love his style.


New label for us, Footmusic Records offering up a really quality release from Venntaur. “Melina” is the one that sweeps me off my feet, although the entire release is one worth owning.


Just Move Records always offers up classy music from SA and they have outdone themselves with this LP from label head Nuno Estevez “Close To Me”. Can not think of a single reason you wouldn’t want to own this beautiful album.


And if you are looking for that track that just gets stuck in your head, this one from Pete Rios aka Far Distance does the trick. Tracks like this make you happy for the repeat button, thanks Hype Muzik.


And if you are looking for that track that adds that heads down deep dark groove for a night at the club, no need to look farther then Alvaro Hylanders latest remix on What Happens.


More good stuff from Itom Records, this time from Tibor Dragan. Loving all three including the Moti Brothers and Marco Grandi Remixes.


And just in case, something a bit different coming from Khristian K‘s latest release on Lucidflow.


Free Tracks

Lets start off with this release from us that is up for Free Download until Jan. 31st. This was our first ever release coming from Cadatta with remixes from Ilias Katelanos, Speakdeep and Alvaro Hylander. We put the tracks up for free as a way to say thank you for the over 2500 music lovers following us on our Facebook page.


And this track from Evan Iff, is a really lovely and upbeat piece of music to add to your collection, free of charge. Thanks Evan!

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