DeepWit Essentials Week 9 & 10

I just want to start off by saying that after three years, this will be my 100th post here on the DeepWit blog. In the years I have written about our releases, how to send demo’s, how to fight piracy, the music we love and I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of our favourite artists and label owners. With almost three years from our very first release, I have never been happier with our decision to start up DeepWit and I look forward to everything that comes next 🙂

Lets start off with the one medium I hope to get DeepWit involved in, in the future. This beautiful Vinyl from Dilby on Bondage Music is one for your collection.

Now for a quick run down of the last two weeks best tracks we have come across, starting out with our latest release from Adjust, the owner behind Cosmic Disco Records. This track may sound familiar as we released a different version last year on our Autumn Sampler. “Get Out (Flute Dub)” featuring you know, a flute and remixes from David Oniani and the guys behind Adaptation Music, Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor.

Chocky & Flumo Recordings, we love the music you release and this track is a great example of why.

This next one is from a really lovely release on Itom Records from Tibor Dragan, with three tracks to choose from, it was between the Original and the Marco Grandi Remix for us.

Onto a release from another regular label here on our blog chart, the latest release from What Happens from Jon Sweetname.

And this remix from Max Graef of KDIM on Odd Socks is just pure awesomeness.

Now for something from 1Trax and a new name for me, Silk 86. Really love the house floor groove of this track.

And for one more track for the floor we have a great take from Benny Grauer on Mood Music.

Now to move onto some really wickedly wonderfully LP’s. I love the well developed flow and the feel of being lost in a great album and all these three albums are exactly these types of Downtempo, Jazzy and Deep House moods that make perfect companions for everyday listening.

This album from from Flashbaxx is just stunning, quality music. I could easily loss myself in this album for hours and days on end. My neighbours will be hearing a lot of it this spring.

And if that wasn’t enough good music, I would highly recommend this outstanding album from Hamza. With a little more world beats flavour, its another Album for the music lovers.

To finish it off this week is a really unique and quality House & Deep House album from Alex Sosa on his label Lovely Records for those that need an album with a bit more umph in it.


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