Arrogant much?

Let me generalise really quick by saying, everyone working in the music scene is pretty arrogant about their taste in music. We are all experts and we all know best. Even if we don’t advertise it, we are thinking it most of the time. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, especially if you don’t feel the need to shove your arrogance down everyones throats.

The problem lies in the fact that being arrogant can cause you some really bad press, especially when working in such a small underground scene like Deep House. No, not that Trap House masquerading as Deep House or that dirty Techno you call Deep House, but the actual Deep House scene, which is pretty small and you are either a member or someone that gets joked about behind your back by the rest of the arrogant Deep House connoisseurs.

Lets get down to why I am writing this article, which has to do with the fact that I personally can’t handle too much arrogance in my music, unless its behind close doors of course. Here are some handy little tips to help you not seem like the arrogant music snob you probably are.

1. Don’t advertise on social networks what an arrogant master of music you are by putting down everyone else’s music while only elevating your own music or your labels music.

2. Don’t pretend like music is your entire life. Seriously, it comes with the territory and I *hope* you have more interests in life than just a 4×4 beat. I know, its almost blasphemy to pretend like you don’t eat, breath and sleep music but if thats all you have in life, your music is probably lacking something.

3. Don’t call me baby. This is something maybe not everyone in the music scene can relate to but if you are a woman (or Paul Cassidy being the handsome devil he is), I am pretty sure you know the type of arrogance I am talking about. If you wouldn’t call my husband and the other half of the label baby, don’t call me baby, or sexy or any other “endearing” term you see fit to use with a woman. Don’t be so arrogant in your manhood that you piss on your own shoes.

4. Don’t demand to have your music listened to RIGHT now. If you are a producer, don’t assume a label should just fall all over themselves because you sent a Demo. I know you think that well of yourself but most likely you are probably only one of a handful with the same high opinion. Oh and labels, this works both ways.

Pretty much what I am hoping for is to see more respect, even if you have to fake it a little bit to hide the idea you are the most awesome (insert DJ, Producer, Musician, Review Blogger, or Label Owner here) and that will go a long way to buying you some good will in the scene. Remember, everyone likes to be told they are amazing and lets face it, in some ways everyone is… just not musically 🙂


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