D.M.P. – Natural Mystic

In a sweeping yet unsurprisingly deep move, we reintroduce to you D.M.P from Hungary. With several dozen releases under his belt, including music on BQ Recordings, Stellar Fountain, Electronic Tree, Spring Tube, Deep Dive Records and of course DeepWit Recordings, he is producer with a trademark sound that is hard to compare to the currant trend of producers. His depth of sound and bass combined with an indistinguishable sound that is all his own, we offer you up two Deep House tracks that stand above the crowd, Natural Mystic and Just Believe. The first remix off the EP comes from another young yet well known producer, Deep Active Sound. This Russian based producer has appeared on labels like Loco Records, DeepClass Records, I Records, UM Records, Ready Mix Records and Seta Label among several others. He doesn’t disappoint with his remix of Natural Mystic with it’s slightly more pulsating and intensified crowd moving tendencies. The last remix and track on the EP comes from label head Alvaro Hylander, who has over the several years in the Deep House scene released on labels such as What Happens, UM Records, DeepClass Records, Apollo, I Records, and dozens of others. Alvaro’s remix has his signature deep and sensual style that brings a dance floor to life with its sweeping breaks and warm vibes that encourage you to let loose and enjoy the groove. This is, as we always strive to provide, a quality of Deep House that is truly deep and hard to match in the scene today. Consistency coupled with Intelligent Deep Sounds marks this EP for those craving class and passion in their music.


Selected Feedback


Laurent Garnier – Nice original tracks & remixes. Super stuff by the artists. Will play & Full Support. 

Hippie Torrales – Excellent deep tunes. Original Natural Mystic favorite.

Jesus Gonsev  – Elegant and solid release!

Deep Space House – Deep, mature and atmospheric. Four thumbs up for us =)

Brett Johnson – Liking the Deep Active and Alvaro remixes the most. More punch than the originals. Thanks.

Lars Behrenroth – Love the original Natural Mystic mix .. gonna play it !

Fer Ferrari – Support! Deep Active Sound & Alvaro for me!!

Richie from UM – Tough choices to pick a favourite – sure they’ll all feature somewhere, show how across the UM universe.

Deep Spelle – Very nice. Great originals and amazing remixes from both of my bros !

Joan Ribas – Solid release, good one!

Matt Prehn – Really nice track and remixes here lovin em all. originals are nice n spacy for opening will def play!

Max Volkholz – Guys, no words needed! Really great release again. D.M.P. with their two Originals bring us very nice sounds at all. Love the remixes, too. Especially the Alvaro Hylander Remix is a Floorfiller! Thank you for sharing!

And several dozen more top feedback from some of our favourite DJ’s and Producers. A big thank you to everyone who supports and plays the music!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.53.44 PM

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