Back to DeepWit Essentials – Weeks 32 & 33

I would like to start with the sentiment that it feels damn good to be retreating back into the music and letting it fully embrace us with all it’s joys and frustrations. We have on and off over the years done blog charts, Beatport charts, and RA charts. Never with any real amount of consistency, except through the fall into spring, as the prospect of spending time outside is too dreary to contemplate. In my defence, the summers are so beautifully short here, that almost all of our time is diverted into our garden, our animals and our adventures. You would think after all these years of falling off the band wagon of label work every summer, we would just officially take a vacation during the months we know we will get practically nothing done! With no further ado, here are some of our favourite new tracks that have recently caught our ears, with a slightly less Deep feel and a lot more creativity.

I will start with a track that is to us one that wears out the repeat button. I came across this little gem on KEXP’s “Song of the Day” and instantly feel in love. The Acid with a track that seems to have been doing the rounds for a while now, “Fame”.

This next track comes from the label Cold Busted and although not what I would call our normal cup of tea, we really dig the vibes and overall creativity of this release with the Green Street Dub being our favourite.

This one comes from Adaptation Music, with this track’s very upbeat vibe we would be happy to dance to. Choopie & Segall created a great 4 tracker here but “Step by Step” is the one we lean most towards.

From one familiar label to another, we are way into this amazing Album from Leaking Shells & Indelible Horse on Bilanez Music. The Walrus and The Carpenter offers up everything you need in a really quality Album moving across bounds and genres to transport you to a place of musical enchantment.

There are of course, labels you see us support over and over again and Deep Site Recordings is exactly one of these. One of their latest with Santiago Santamaria is of the quality and groove you can always count on from both the label and the artist. The Original of “All Around” is just an outstanding piece of Deep House music.

Rounding us out is a new album on Etoka Records. This collaboration between Alex Humann & Faidel leaves nothing to be desired as it weaves in and out of consciousness and light. We love this, thanks guys!


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