Gareth Bilaney – Deep Noon LP

Deep Noon is our first ever LP here on DeepWit. This outstanding Deep House album comes from the German based Gareth Bilaney, who operates both Bilanez Music and Musique Pretentieuse. With his eclectic and unique musical tastes, this album reflects not only his love for a four by four beat but the range and depth of his creativity. There are influences from Drum & Bass, Electronica, Techno and Chillout to name a few of the more obvious sounds echoing throughout this Deep release.

Grab a copy of it today, making you the talk of the town with your outstanding and particularly original musical tastes.



Satoshi Fumi – Love them.really deep!

Laurent Garnier – Nice Album & stuff here. Will play & SUPPORT !

Fer Ferrari – Support! Undone the best for me. Great LP

Olga Flapper – Good release. My favorite – Zeta Side

Patrick Devereux – Stunning as always deepwit my number one label does it again!!! great production and just beautiful sounds here, cant wait to download and listen fully. thanks so much.

Loz Goddard – Some really great cuts in this album, Gareth has really done a nice job overall here. Standout tracks for me are Jazz Me Up, Inspector P and love the breaks of C Side.

Matt Prehn – Some very cool vibes on these but Zeta Side nails it for me…deep and totally hypnotic.

Simon Kirk – Always a delight to see a Deepwit promo arriving – this is a sublime and wonderful LP – thanks guys.

Nosak – Really great release ! nice drum n bass track “c side” and an absolutely groovy track “b side” i ll use both of them on my radio show ! thanku guys ! great job !

Paul Cassidy – Enjoyed this LP Really liking Liking Inspector P but all in all i really liked the variations. thanks for sending.

Joey Silvero – B side does it for me plenty of layers and deep textures very nice mood.

Sven Thomschke / ‘’ – A great, diversified Deep House album, quality release!

Amdjs Radio Show – “Zeta Side” sounds lovely!

And many more…

deep noon lp

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