DeepWit Essentials Weeks 43 – 47 Pt. 1

Sometimes shit happens. Most of that shit is normally what you end up calling life as a grown up. As I am in a few short weeks about to be 30, I can on longer avoid that fact that I am indeed, a grown up. And shit happens. There is this really cheesy quote that I use to find romantic in my younger years “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans”. Now, I just realise it is this rather blunt truth that you can only take solace in when things get really, really out of hand. The last few weeks were exactly like this. Hence the need for a two parter in catching up with all the great music that has been coming out over the last few weeks while life has been happening to us here at the DeepWit residence.

We are going to start off with a label that I sincerely enjoy for just the easy listening music they release. I have spent a lot of time in my house and on adventures listening to a wide range of what the lovely Label Lemongrassmusic has to offer. This is a nice little VA to give you a sampling of some of what they do.

From one Various Artists to another, here is our latest Autumn Air Seasonal Sampler, featuring 5 stunning tracks for the change of Seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere. Includes tracks from new comers like Johannes, A M I R, and Agus Monteverde next to the established gents Kiano & Below Bangkok as well as La Rose.

Now for one of the artists that has worked with us for years here at DeepWit, Ivan Garci with one of his latest tracks on his own label Vlosfer Records.

This track is one we have really been enjoying from Just Move Records from down in South Africa. Lovely original from Schenk & Chris Sen Feat. Ms. Kelle. Exactly why Original vocals can give a boost to a song.

Now, not to be bias but I am super in love with this new single we just released here on DeepWit, The Machine. The Original from Cadatta is just an outstanding timeless track and the remixes from Soul Minority and Alvaro Hylander just bring the whole release up to the highest level. Check it out, if you haven’t heard it yet.

From one label I love to another, Lost My Dog. This is one of those rare labels we are never disappointed by as we can always find at least one track from every release we really enjoy. Big up to Liquid Phonk and this quality track, Superuschi from their Stomp Your Love EP.

I am always excited to run across new labels with quality music and Just Like That Music seems to be exactly that, really love this track from Alex Neivel & Pat Heart feat. DJ Bene, although there are a ton of other tracks well worth checking out from the label if you aren’t familiar with them.

And before we jump into some vinyls, here is a remix that we would be super happy to have in vinyl from Glenn Astro. Deep, Jazzy and dance inspiring, the best of the tracks from this EP on Beef Records.

Now to some vinyl! Lovely lovely lovely stuff here on Soiree Records International from Tominori Hosoya. This is exactly my type of music to have on a vinyl, timeless and beautiful.

To finish off this half of the chart, we leave you with another outstanding vinyl. This time from a man we are super happy to have releasing with us in December with a great remix he did for our next release. This Vinyl is one everyone who is a Deep House & House lover should rush out and pre-order right now, I am sure you won’t be disappointed by either this EP from Junktion or the others offered up by Slow Town Records.

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One Response to DeepWit Essentials Weeks 43 – 47 Pt. 1

  1. Vitorrio says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this 🙂 Love this label.

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