Autumn Air Vol 3.

This is our fourth instalment of the Autumn VA series, which we have used to introduce to the label many of what are now household names in the Deep House world such as David Oniani, Distortion Inc., Loz Goddard, Dave Marian, D.M.P, Portofino Sunrise and several others. This year is no different, with us introducing several new names to the DeepWit family. Johannes, Amir, La Rose, and Agus Monteverde are all producers that will no doubt start making quite a bit of quality noise for us to enjoy over the next few years. Unlike past Autumn VA’s we have decided to focus on slightly more Dance Floor sound, bearing away from our typical mellow Autumn vibes. Enjoy these upbeat and deep grooves all throughout the season for your nights at the club and for your evenings entertaining at home.


Olga Flapper – Perfect release.

Tyler Stadius – Lovely tracks. Timeless deep vibes. Thank you!

Dr. Best – Very nice track selection, a great release.

Fer Ferrari – Support as always! I will play it for sure.

Simon Kirk – Stunning again guys – Perfect world is a gem! Will play and support all these. Thanks!

Matt Prehn – Some really good tracks here and production is spot on.

Miguel Garji – Some interesting tracks here. I will try. Gracias.

Cram – Sap is my fav on this compilation. Thanx!!

Adam Clarke –  Some great deep vibes on this release, Johannes is the pick for me!

Leri Ahel – Nice release. Agua Monteverde track is my favorite.

Rissa Garcia – My fave time of year ..always one of my fave releases of the year crisp warm and lucious grooves thank you!

Deep Spelle – Lovely release !

Carlos Francisco – Lovely classy deepness right here. Full support. Thanks

Tom Vagabondo – Guys, absolute perfect work, love it all, full support from me, thank u!

Dk Watts – Amir’s track is for me…super deep groove that I like!

Artette – beautiful deep compilation, fav track ‘Perfect World’ (well done guys)

Satoshi Fumi – deep atmosphere!

Craig Turner – Deepwit quality as standard!

And dozens of more feedbacks pretty much telling you to go out and grab your copy today.

Aut3 small

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