Cadatta – The Machine w/ remixes from Soul Minority & Alvaro Hylander

This is a release we couldn’t be more excited or happier to release here on DeepWit. We are bringing back one of our favourite producers and the gentleman that started it all with our first release, Cadatta. He offers up an overwhelmingly deep, powerful and groove filled original entitled “The Machine”. We have brought on board one of Cadatta’s favourite producers, a man who needs no introduction, Soul Minority. He has done his signature Deep House for the Club feel and added a touch of female vocals to offer up a new flair on his mix. The last remix on the release comes from label boss Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a very deep dubbed and minimal sensual groove to the whole affair. With three of the Deepest tracks we have ever had the privilege to release here on DeepWit, this is a release we are sure will leave a lasting impression.

The Machine will easily find its stride on any dance floor that aims to satisfy the Deep House lovers with its deep sounds and elegant beats.


Feodor Allright & Elena Mechta – Top number! 10/10

Hippie Torrales – Digging this a lot.

Richie (UM Records) – Deepwit back to their finest!

Jero Nougues – Amazing release, DeepWit never let’s you down! Really liking the original and both remixes, stunning!

Mark Mac – Stunning tunage Love Cadatta’s works… Everyone a winner with me full support….Without Doubt one of the most consistent labels around Thanks Folks…

Rayco Santos – strong EP! serious deep beats inside it. I dont really know which is my favourite track, all are great.

Thulani – they all hot & will play them loud!

Hall North – Lovely stuff – Alvaro doing it for me as per usual!

Loz Goddard – Lovely pads and stabs throughout the whole EP. Soul Minority remix is top! Great energy on this one.

Distant People – soul minority doing it for me, just pulls you into its hypnotic grip

Miss Disk – All wonderful here, can’t decide for the best one! Just great!

Ket Shah – Liking Alvaro’s Deepness, the Original Grooviness and Soul Minority’s smoothness

Q-Burns Abstract Message – It’s good! I’m connecting the most with the dreamy deepness of Alvaro’s mix. Thanks!

Randy Seidman – Great tracks.

Carlo Gambino – Nice slab of deep house right here – The Machine (Original Mix) is clear winner for me. Support and looking forward to road testing.

Deep Active Sound – nice release! Soul Minority and Alvaro for me. Thanks

Chang Bang – they all rock, yeah jam on it!

Ourra – Nice ep! Quite like all tracks, but maybe Alvaro’s mix fits my sound the best X Thank you for sending

DJ DiCosta – The original is outstanding – like a futuristic whale chant. Oli’s rendition of ‘The Machine’ is sensational as well filled with light and good positive dreamy vibration. Alvaro as usual delivers something that puts a big difference in any given aspect of this (and any other release he gets involved in) and manages to impress me with ideas once again… this time even with a pad that reminds me a lot of something I came across and which is called like a ‘pitched down cricket chant’. Amazing overall vibe to this release – like a freefall from the brightest sky ever. Thanks for sending it over!

And dozens more raving about how outstanding this release is. Grab Your Copy By Clicking the Banner Below. 

cadatta small

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