Rules of Remixing from Harold Heath

Now now, it has been a long time since I’ve written. I honestly keep meaning to write more and even have a whole slew of things to write about. Just seem to be experiencing a bit of writers block! So what to do? How about share some great advice about making a remix pack written by one of our favourite writers, Harold Heath, on his always funny and insightful blog “Harold’s House“.

Here is an excerpt about what he expects from a remix pack when it lands in his inbox and make sure to hear over to his blog for more interesting tales of how he thinks the world should run 🙂


1. The track is excellent.
If a track is brilliant, it spurs the remixer on to do even better. It also suggests that:
2. All the parts are excellent.
If you’ve got a load of good parts to work with, then a remix can be joy to do. If you ever get a chance, I strongly advise you remix Shur-I-Kan. His sounds are brilliant. The bass line he supplied me when I was lucky enough to land a job remixing one of his tracks was so good, I literally couldn’t turn it off. I got stuck in my studio for like 9 hours until my wife snuck in wearing ear muffs to protect her from the irresistible power of the b-line and managed to turn it off.
3. You supply me with ALL the parts, not just a few bits.
I’m afraid I can’t build you a track from scratch. If you would like a track from scratch, you should ask me to make you a track from scratch, rather than attempt to get me to remix something that has so little substance all I can do is make a new track. And please, give me all the parts, I want all the beats and the little fx etc. even the hats and the claps, you never know, they might come in handy.
4. No huge stems
I no longer have the time to receive huge great long stems of audio that need loads of cutting and editing before I can use them.  I need to get all the parts, available to use, in sensibly edited, instantly usable wavs.
5. You supply me with a bowl of M&Ms with the blue ones removed. 
Those are the rules, there’s absolutely no compromising, especially on the M&Ms, that’s a deal breaker. Now, if I had simply posted these rules, with no explanation would you think that I were a little Diva-ish, a little demanding? Perhaps, but hopefully now you understand the need for the new remix rules. There can be no compromise in the new musical landscape: comply or die!

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