Q&A with MrP

This last Monday we came out with our third Fall seasonal compilation, which is hands down one of our most popular types of releases. Earlier this week we also featured another artists from our Autumn Air compilation, Adjust and we are happy to introduce MrP to all of you now.

Stefanos Plessas aka MrP was born a winter baby in 1981. He started his relationship with classical music very young playing guitar and piano, then continued with rock and rap sounds during his late childhood and for more than 15 years now he has been dedicated to the electronic dance scene. He has DJ’d in many Greek clubs including Exo, Soul, Swing, Buzz, Reception, and Maisha. The last few years he developed a love of producing which has resulted in an album release from Diventa Music and numerous single releases on other labels coming soon.

You can catch him in the mix, every Sunday from 22:00 – 24:00 (+2gmt)  on 7sinsradio.com.


Q. Name and Favorite Color?

A. Stefanos Plessas (aka MrP) Favorite Color Green

Q. Why do you bother making music?

A. For me music is my moving force, my inspiration, my passion, my love, a hobby and a job. I make music to fulfill my creativity needs.

Q. How long have you been DJing?

A. More than 15 years

Q. Favorite country to DJ in?

A. I don’t DJ much outside Greece so I would say Greece (Editors note: Spoiled man, Athens has one of the best scenes hands down!)

Q. Favorite Genre of music outside of what you produce?

A. I would say soulful house. But I am listening every kind of good music.

Q. Do you have any other currant releases out at the moment or about to come out?

A. I have my 1st album out almost 4 months now. MrP – 7sins from Diventa Music.

Q. What are you favorite labels and or producers?

A. I change taste a lot from time to time. Right now I am a bit stuck with Mobilee and Rodriguez Jr. That’s changing now with Autumn Air 2.

Q. What time are you in bed on a typical Saturday night?

A. 5-6AM, well… I live in Athens ….

Q. What do you get up to outside of music?

A. Spearfishing, rock climbing, trekking, martial arts, aquariums, trips with my motorbike. Anything so I won’t be bored!

Q. What program do you use to Produce?

A. Reason mainly and a bit Ableton now.

Q. Do you better like cats or dogs or ?

A. Dogs. No cats. No dogs. I mean fishes. I mean cats…. I want them all in my house!!!!

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you? 

A. DJing “Please tell me where I can find this track”.

Thats the second time now we have had an artist mention they would love to see more people supporting the musical scene by finding out where to purchase the music. Anyone starting to get the hint? Remember to support your favorite artists by purchasing their music.

Thanks Stefanos for the great little Q&A, really enjoyed your answers and very happy to have you in the DeepWit Family and if you ever need to visit a house full of cats, dogs, some fish and even a turtle our house is always open! Make sure to catch up with “MrP” on his facebook, soundcloud and to check out his radio show every Sunday from 22:00 – 24:00 (+2gmt) on 7Sins Greek Online Radio.


DeepWit Essentials Week 47

Music, Animals, Music, Animals, Music, Sleep, Coffee, Music. Not too bad a week eh? Now to all that music 🙂

We are going to start this week with a release that is exclusively available on Bandcamp. I really can not express how happy I am to see more and more labels setting up shop here. Check out this totally spaced out ambient flow from Alveol & Christoph Kardek on Lovezone Records.

Hard to figure out what to follow that up with so I am going to share another track with a very hypnotic and calming vibe for me. This track comes from Tim Andresen on his own renowned label What Happens. I also hear he will be DJ’ing down at Six D.O.G.S in Athens on Friday 13th December. Jealous of both Athens and Tim >.<

From that lovely track we skip on over to James Dexters remix of “Keep A Light On” on Lost My Dog. Good unique vocals with a good groove will get me every time.

This is nice little Compilation from Swink Music Records. Some gems in here.

I don’t want people thinking I am bias…. but damn I love Alvaro’s music. Nice being married to my favorite producer, Alvaro Hylander. Thanks Rissa for bringing him back to your label Nightchild Records.

Lets follow it up with some Detriot Swindle on Freerange Records. Really no more words are needed.

This one I am sharing for two reasons. The music on this Kolorit Records release is outstanding AND until the 25th of Nov, they are doing an auction on Ebay to purchase both the test pressing of this release alongside another record from their 12th release and lots of stickers. All of which goes directly to charity to help those in need after the Tsunami in the Philippines. One word – Love.

And to wrap this week up we are sharing a little something from Large Music and Sek. They are giving away a free track titled “Hide and Seek”. Thanks for the quality free music and appreciation!

The Dark Side

No matter what “business” you work in, there is typically a dark side. Something about the practices of the business, maybe the way they treat the environment, their employes or just their attitude towards their customers. Maybe the shadiness is from the owners or the business practices, the willing to lie to sell the product. If you are lucky and work in a field or business you love and have a certain loyalty too, maybe it is easy to over look these things, maybe if you are super lucky you don’t experience them at all.

Now that I have had both feet firmly planted into the electronic music business, specifically the Deep House side of things, I have found there are very few dark sides. They are there though, just scratch away a little and some of the things you learn are mind boggling… at least they were to me. I came into running a label through love. Pure and simple. No intention of paying all my bills through it, just the desire to break even if possible and enjoy the work and pleasure of sharing what I enjoy with others. I assumed that for the most part, in such an underground genre, this was the same thing that was behind many labels. I have to say, the labels I love and enjoy the most are in it for the right reasons.

In a genre where selling 50 tracks in 5 days gets you in the Top Hundred, it is very easy to see running a Deep House label is never going to buy a mansion on a hill. Especially when between distribution and online digital shops have already taken 50-70% of the profit off the top before either you or the artist sees a dime. What I was not anticipating was the shadiness of some who were willing to throw a wrench in that little system. As many people who consider themselves true underground Deep House fans will tell you, rarely is the Top 100 a true reflection of the best in Deep House (the only exception being Traxsource, which I hear less grumbles about then any other online shop). The main reason for this is that labels and even some artists are so obsessed with this “status” symbol of Top 100 charts, they are willing to cheat the system. Want to get into the charts? Enlist the help of your friends or coworkers and have them buy your track over and over again… pay people to buy your track… lie about the track… rip off other artists that have gotten into the Top 100… then go and spam everyone and their mother. Email them, spam their facebook wall, whatever it takes.

Whooooaaaaa… This was not the world I thought I was walking into. Call me idealistic (I won’t mind, I pride myself on wanting to make and leave the world a better place) but I thought it was all about the 4×4 beat and the love of the groove and sway of people on a dance floor. Now, not everyone does this, I truly hope it is the minority of people who engage in this sort of thing actually. What I forgot to consider when I started this label with Alvaro was how obsessed people could be about this fabled thing called “Fame”. How quickly people forget it is about the quality and substance of the music, how it makes you feel, and start to focus instead on how many times the producer has topped the charts, who they have remixed for and had remixes from and who they have DJ’d alongside of. Does it really matter if the music doesn’t make you dance your ass off or grab ahold and not let you go? For me it does.

That is why, simply (or well not so simply) you won’t ever catch DeepWit Recording or DeepWit Uncovered engaging in this sort of practice, or the other shady practices about in the scene. I am not going to enlist anyone to buy a track from us and pay them back under the table. Or purchase the “1000 Friend Packages” for our soundcloud and facebook, making us appear more “popular” then we are. Or paying any “big name” artist for a subpar track, simply for their big name. We have too much respect for the music, the artists and the fans.

Almost a year now from our first release with Cadatta… looking back I have learned so much, not just about some of the shady business practices but also about the real love and appreciation for music that is out there. I just have to look back at our time spent in Athens, Greece, look at all my new friends I have made and all the smiles they have brought to my face to know that at the heart of it all Deep House is where it is at. The place that no matter how far the label may range, no matter how many years or sublables later, we will always come back to this genre and the real people in it.