Deep House United Vol. 2

After the huge success of last years “Deep House United” we bring you another Various Artist, Various Label release featuring some of the top Deep House tracks from the great labels involved. Make sure to check them all out for Quality Deep House sounds.

  1. Bogota Records – Innerself feat. Renate (Original Mix) – Ivaylo
  2. Wind Horse Records – Empathy Box feat. Neil (Original Mix) – Audio Units
  3. Deep Site Recordings – Sending My Love (Forteba Remix) – Karmine Rosciano
  4. NightChild Records – You Should Know (Original Mix) – Marvin Zeyss
  5. Lagaffe Tales – Walking at 120 BPM (Original Mix) – 45m1r
  6. DeepWit Recordings – Stella (Original Mix) – Venntaur
  7. Unrivaled Music – Another Profound Moment (Deep Active Sound Remix) – Rishi K.
  8. UM Records – One Night (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Santiago Santamaria 
  9. DeepWit Uncovered – Dreamers of Free World (Cadatta Reminiscent) – Tom Hulst
  10. DeepClass Records – Future File (Original) – WoDeep, Cooccer



Jonbjorn – All The Way w/remixes from Junktion & Viktor Birgiss

The thing about cold countries is that they allow you a mass amount of time to stay indoors and work on quality music. This single was birthed in Iceland and comes from one of the guys behind one of our favourite Icelandic labels, Lagaffe Tales. Jonbjorn is one of those producers that has a knack for that simple hook that makes you hit repeat. This need to hear more is a rare thing these days and honestly we can’t get enough of music. To follow it up we have an incredible remix from one of the raising stars of the scene, Junktion. Between his label Outplay, various appearance across the world of vinyl and his outstanding deep and housey sound, we promise we can not talk up this remix any more than the quality it actually is. To round out the single, we have the other half of Lagaffe Tales, Viktor Birgiss. His remix is one of those tracks that is just going to make you nod your head to the groove, before you even realise how addictive and awesome the track actually is.

For us, this is what the future of Deep House sounds like, screw chasing after the latest sounds, lets chase after quality instead.


Igor Marijuan (ibiza Sonica FM): great stufff

Al Mackenzie (D:Ream / Move / Brassneck / Retroforward): Nice sounds

Lino R. Polonio (Alkalino) (Estimativa / Audaz Recordings): great atmospheres! dig them all thks

Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone Records / Deepen / Proton Radio / Dinamo FM): Good warm up tracks. Thanks for sending.

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul / Large Records / Polytone / Saw Recordings / Urbantorque / Lazy Days): nice release and outstanding junktion remix!

Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart / DCSTrax / Soul Horizon + After Dark Mix Sessions radio shows): Cool 3 tracker

Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio): Junktion rmx 4 me. Gracias

Joey Silvero (Distant People) (Soul Elements Radio Show (SSRadio) / Foliage / Seamless): full of funk and large beats this is doing it for me

Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House Web Zine (reviews)): Beautiful slice of laidback yet mesmerizing late night house…

Richie Hartness (untitledmusic – syndicated radio show / label / blog): Viktors has a great vibe

Robert Owens (Compost / Worldwide Various): Cool track

Tyree Cooper * (Groove Baby / Supa Dupa): Nice and smooth….

Phonatics (Housesession Records / Yes Yes Records / Klub Kids): Love this!

Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm / Natural Rhythm Music): The Junction remix is where its at for me. Just groovy and hypnotic in the right amounts. Thanks

Corin Arnold (ed2000) (Tresor / Solar Lounge / BLN.FM / Dangerous Drums @ Tresor / Stop The World @ Fiesere Remise): thanks for this. full support where i can and where appropriate. (bar, lounge, club, radio, own events).

Edground (Grooveland Music / 99 FM / Brazilian Soul Crew): Very nice release. All mixes are perfect.

RICKY INCH (King Street Sounds / Ossom Sessions): Thanx! Original sounds cool.

Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy / Large Music): Liking what Viktor has done with this will play thanks.

Miss Mee (Patsada Records): Nice release.

SlanG (Spring Tube / Movement / TSOE / DSUK | DI FM / AH FM / Proton Radio): Good deep stuff, especially the remix by Viktor Birgiss.

Simon Tappenden (Ourra) (Pop Out And Play / Alola / Atmospheric Existence / Sex On Wax / 5 & Dime / Them On The Hill): Orig is lovely, simple, warm, uncomplicated and great! Thanks 🙂

DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95 / Nova Planet Radio Show): Deep and groove percussive underground house and raw disco sound of Junktion Remix is fire, yes fire…

DJ Electric (Deepology / Body Parts / Aquamarine): All The Way Junktion Remix

Daniel Kneubühler (Da Funk) (Acryl Music / Pacha): will try viktor’s remix here. nice!

Kirby (Nordic Trax / Kolour / Tango / Lost My Dog / Darkroom Dubs): Both remixes sounds great, nice vibe ! cool and groovy with a twist, Thanks.

Laurent N. (12 Monthly Radio Shows: Nice 102.3 FM, House Nation Radio, Radio Sensation, NCRadio): Last remix is nice for me. Will play & SUPPORT !

DJ Enne (Electunes / Nang / Compost): junktion mix is nice

Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids Records / Music With Content / Audio Therapy / Gotta Keep Faith): Junktion Remix is my fav

Steffen Henriksen (What Happens / Fiasco): The original for me – will test it out! 🙂

Lorenzo al Dino (Jockey Club / Lutz Club Vienna / Ibiza Global Radio): great track.

Stefanos Plessas (MrP) (7sinsradio (weekly radio show) / Diventa Music / DeepWit Recordings): Nice release. Will play a lot on the Radio

Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective – weekly on Stafford FM + Shed FM): Big Fan of Deepwit. And this is a step into a slightly different direction … More beat based tech sounds with a solid kick and warm off key notes… Excellent Step If you’re asking me… Nice solid sounds. Thanks Folks… Tune. Mark Mac

Adam Turner (Cuban Exchange / UBer / Vocal Booth *): Absolutely great EP, love the Junktion take on the Original. All 3 mixes are useful, will support and play all – but the Junktion mix just edges it for me. Thanks

Joey Fabini (Lion’s Lair *): Great track from Jonbjorn. All about the original and Vicktor Birgiss mix for me. Will def support!!

John P. (WestRadio (manager) / Adult Radio Mix show): very good release! will play and support on west radio! thanks

Kiyo To (Kanzen Records / Digital Vinyl Sessions): Wow, what a wonderful release ^_^ FULL SUPPORT!!!!

Tom Vagabondo (Midnight Express radio show (weekly, syndicated) / LazyBoys / Kult Records / Deep Wave Records): Thank U, full support from me.

Manel Sanmartin (Cambrils DEEP / Dubhe Recordings / Cambrils DEEP Style radio show (syndicated)): Awesome tunes here. Nice groove, and sweet vocals and melody. I will support into my gigs, podcasts and radio-shows. Good job, and good luck.

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show (syndicated)): Love Junktion remix.

Carlitos Corcho (Chang) (Red Bull Music Academy, Chang Bang): deep deep deep!

Severino (HorseMeatDisco / Dalston Superstore / Classic): BEAUTIFUL

Loz Goddard (Downtown Groove Sessions (DE Radio / / Large Music / Kolour Recordings / Goldmin): While the original is a little too stripped back for me, I absolutely love the remixes. Junktion’s will get a hammering from me for sure, has such organic elements about it and a proper groove. Viktor has done a decent version too, some cool bass/synth interplay.

Constantin Dimov (DJ Di Costa) (MoodyLushious Influences Radio Show (WestRadio + Deepvibes Radio) / Ready Mix / Bilanez Music): Delighful sounds from my beloved DeepWit imprint. Classy Deep House music in any given aspect. Diggin’ quite particularly the Junktion remix. Happy to see this artist involved with the label. Full support. Thanks a mil.

Lönya (Asymmetric Recordings / Asymmetric Soul): good stuff , thanks!

Marco Deep (Deeper Flow on / Deeper Love Sessions on Excellent release, Junktion’s rmx really is a bit special, support, thank you

2lani The Warrior (Do It Now Recordings / Deepstitched): very nice .

Rory Cochrane (Deep Site Recordings / Deep Site Sessions Radio Show (syndicated)): Viktor Birgiss hits the spot for me, lovely deep house sounds.

MrCenzo (Finest Wear) (Colour and PItch): 3 Cool Trax Here… 🙂

Vanilla Ace (OFF Recordings / Bunny Tiger / Alola / Toolroom / Southern Fried / Moda / Blockhead): Cool warm up track, Viktor remix is best.

Bogdan Taran (, Dance Box radio show (syndicated)): Very cool piece of deep house, liking all mixes here

Sven Thomschke (Dr. Best) (Radio Z (‘Headz’ & ‘Limbo Rhythm’ shows) / Club: ‘Rockit!’): Favourites: Junktion Remix + Viktor Birgiss Remix – nice!

Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove / Stereocity / Plastic People): super bomb

DJ Deeka (Radioactive FM (weekly show) / Platinum Radio (monthly show)): Deep and beautiful EP from one of my favourite label! The original mix stands out for me. I’ll review the Ep on and air it on my next radio show. Cheers

Alinep (Asia Music / Manila Underground on UB Radio / Circle Music / MakTub / Tenampa): nice beats – would use these 3. thanks for the music!

Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Recordings / Adult Selections Radio Show): The orig. and Junktion are my favs. Great project!

Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Fabric / Paper / Hearts Of Darkness / Deadbeat Disco Radio Show etc)):  All three are great – the original is a very smooth vibe, the Junktion remix adds wicked ‘live’ sounding drum beats & a wicked flow, while the bleepy Viktor remix rounds the EP off in ace style 🙂
Charles Spencer (Loveslap / Galaxy Group): original is good

Carlos Francisco (SP Recordings): Lovely pack! Thanks. Support play and radio here.

Hollis P Monroe (Renaissance Infinity / The Black 80s / N A U / Suol / Noir Music): Nice package over all but Junktion takes the cake…

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone / 200 Records / I Records / Lens Media / Acryl / Keep it Simple): Junktion remix for me ! thanx

Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance Blog): Good stuff as ever, liking the original and the VB remix

Ace Paradise ( / SoundGroove Records / Electrified Mindz / Shelter 54): Nice Release. Support from Ace Paradise Resident DJ @

Velanche (Velanche’s Playtime / KCPR 91.3 FM): Very groovy EP; digging this! Thanks.

Chris Udoh (Tigerhook / Escapism monthly radio show (DE Radio)): DOPE !!!

Hall North (Soma / Fade / Cubism / Tulipa / CrossFM): The Viktor Birgiss remix is doing it for me here. Gorgeous stuff.

Christo (DJ Grinch) (Goodtimes and Badtimes Mixing / Frequency 104.7 FM): All great banging sounds, love the heavyweight sub bass.Thanks great work.

Jero Nougues (Deep Essence Radio Show ( / Savoir Faire Musique / DeepClass Records / Haute Musique): Great and solid release, loving both original and remixes. Really smooth, nice and hypnotic in a way, full support!! Thanks for sending.

Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music / Hotel Pacha / Cafe del Mar): excellent sound, congrats

Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep / Red FM): Nice deep groove going on in the Viktor Birgiss remix.

Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle radio show (monthly on DE Radio) / Proton Radio): Quality once again – I love the live drum feel on the Junktion remix, I could imagine the like of Danny Howells playing this..thanks guys.

Foster (Sub FM (weekly show)): Whole release is sick! Both original and remixes are on point! Will play them for sure

DJMarkCooper (Bedford Falls Players / Cosmic Moonbase / Solid Gold / Bloxbox Records / Endemic Digital): Lovely!! Support.

Marcelo Tavares (Deep Space Podcast / / Power.Radio): Great release, Junktion Remix for me.

Pat Lezizmo (Conya Records / Karmaloft / Smooth Agent Records / Midi Mood Records / Neglected Grooves): All nice mixes, hard to pick a fav… gracias! P

Rebecca Vasmant (Ministry of Sound / Sub Club / Underground Solu’shn): REALLY lovely!

Deepinradio (Deepinradio (Internet Radio Station)): Downtempo coolness. Good one.

Black Mighty Wax (Irma Records / weekly radio shows on Gru Radio 93.3 FM + Radio Città Fujiko 103.1 FM): I was captured by the great rework of Junction

DJ Lolly (Freek FM / Ruff Diamond Artist/The Deep Radio Network): liking the viktor birgiss remix and the original mix sounds sweet 😉

Efrain Navarro (Ibiza Soulstice Music / E´Club Ibiza RadioShow / Cool Music Radio): Nice Ep! thanks!

Disko Avenue Project ( 101.2 FM / / Deep & Disco Podcast (weekly)): great!

Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global Radio Show (syndicated)): Diggin this for sure. Like the low-slung original, the pseudo nu-disco of Junktion’s remix, and Viktor Birgiss remix tops it off quite nicely. Nice slick, deep grooves.

DJ Ricardo (Inside Out Magazine / Farris Wheel / Gourmand Music / Frequency Spectrum / Herbal Essence): All great tracks, thanks!

Alexandre Klimow (Pure Dance/ Pure Trax / Pure FM / RTBF): Junktion remix : great work Will play

Dustin Kinney (Kadabra) (The House Hookup Radio Show (weekly – 89.9 FM KTSW) / 5Magazine (reviewer) / MyHouseYourHouse): All the mixes are nice. You’re right, the simple hook got me – particularly the vocal sample used. I really think Junktion smashed the remix though, I can’t wait to play that one early!

Taigo Onez (The Essence Radio Show (88.5FM WHPK) / Cuebase FM / Fnoob Radio UK / In The House Productions): Hard for me to pick a favorite on this one! This is a wonderful body of work. Excellent material Jonbjorn!!!!!

Marco Celone (DJ MFR) (Transport Recordings / New Mondo): Excellent release thanks for the promo

Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice (reviewer)): All The Way Junktion remix is dope!

Ken Liu (Headset Recordings / Headset Hi FI radio show on really feeling the viktor birgiss remix. will play on the show thanks!

Norbert Borchers (House Sound Of Hamburg (syndicated radio show)): Like the original most.

Rissa Garcia (NightChild Records): Junktion Remix for me is best here thank for sending

David Fernandez (CoolMusicRadio 97.8 FM): perfect to Cool Music Radio

Jean Jérome (Radio FG / Kut ‘N’ Paste / Purpleheadz): Beautiful Deep tracks, well done!

Kosta (Vibe FM / Dance FM / AWD House / Lollipop): This is a nice rounded ep.

DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) (Bounce House Recordings / Digitally Imported Radio (House Channel Programmer)): like them all..nice tracks!

Marco (Radio 105 “In Da Klub” / Tendenzia Radio Network / Gold Paradise Milano): very good sounds

Kyka (Housetrap Podcast / SSRadio / Cabrio Records / Channeled Recordings): Original for me! Thank You!

Kane Ian (Dustpan Recordings): Nice tracks! Happy Holidays!

Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) (Natural Rhythm Music): Take me to the Junktion! Lovely.




Autumn Air Vol 3.

This is our fourth instalment of the Autumn VA series, which we have used to introduce to the label many of what are now household names in the Deep House world such as David Oniani, Distortion Inc., Loz Goddard, Dave Marian, D.M.P, Portofino Sunrise and several others. This year is no different, with us introducing several new names to the DeepWit family. Johannes, Amir, La Rose, and Agus Monteverde are all producers that will no doubt start making quite a bit of quality noise for us to enjoy over the next few years. Unlike past Autumn VA’s we have decided to focus on slightly more Dance Floor sound, bearing away from our typical mellow Autumn vibes. Enjoy these upbeat and deep grooves all throughout the season for your nights at the club and for your evenings entertaining at home.


Olga Flapper – Perfect release.

Tyler Stadius – Lovely tracks. Timeless deep vibes. Thank you!

Dr. Best – Very nice track selection, a great release.

Fer Ferrari – Support as always! I will play it for sure.

Simon Kirk – Stunning again guys – Perfect world is a gem! Will play and support all these. Thanks!

Matt Prehn – Some really good tracks here and production is spot on.

Miguel Garji – Some interesting tracks here. I will try. Gracias.

Cram – Sap is my fav on this compilation. Thanx!!

Adam Clarke –  Some great deep vibes on this release, Johannes is the pick for me!

Leri Ahel – Nice release. Agua Monteverde track is my favorite.

Rissa Garcia – My fave time of year ..always one of my fave releases of the year crisp warm and lucious grooves thank you!

Deep Spelle – Lovely release !

Carlos Francisco – Lovely classy deepness right here. Full support. Thanks

Tom Vagabondo – Guys, absolute perfect work, love it all, full support from me, thank u!

Dk Watts – Amir’s track is for me…super deep groove that I like!

Artette – beautiful deep compilation, fav track ‘Perfect World’ (well done guys)

Satoshi Fumi – deep atmosphere!

Craig Turner – Deepwit quality as standard!

And dozens of more feedbacks pretty much telling you to go out and grab your copy today.

Aut3 small