Choosing Your Artist Name

As a label owner, there are certain issues I deal with on a pretty regular basis. One of these is Artists names. Now to understand why it can be such a problem, you don’t have to look any farther than the large digital download stores such as Beatport and Traxsource. Have you ever listened to an artists catalogue and stumbled upon music that is just clearly not the artists you were listening to? This is most likely due to someone looking to steal some sales off the association or because they simply didn’t take the time to check and see if the name was already taken.

With more producers cropping up every week, it is essential you try to remain original and take the time to check the availability of the name before you start releasing under it. Think of your name as the first introduction to your audience. To be frank, there are artists we have refused to work with because of their names (either extremely unprofessional or offensive). You should also consider the fact, you want people to actually be able to find YOUR music. If you are producing Deep House, you definitely don’t want your music going on another persons Beatport page that makes Trance. My best advice, use your Original name or a variation of it.

Choosing an Artist Name
On a side note, if you find another person has started using your artists name, you should contact the label the music was released under as well as the artist themselves if you can find them and ask them to change their name. You can also ask a label you work with for assistance.

Happy International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which is a wonderful time to take a moment and thank all the great women in your life from your Mom, to your favourite school teacher, your favourite female DJ, and to your wife. One of the best ways to show your appreciation and support for the women in your life is to support equality and speak out against the sexism and violence that is so prevalent across the globe. Music is the universal language of mankind, shouldn’t everyone have the chance to be heard?

International Womens Day

Venntaur – Hillside

Venntaur, a Finnish musician for over two decades has joined us here at DeepWit. The three tracks offered up are nothing but well crafted, well balanced and hypnotic. They will carry you away to another place where life moves in sound and texture. Climbing The Hill That Is You is an emotive, warm and sensual track while Consequences is more of an eclectic groover made to inspire with its visionary sounds. The last track, Never Knew, is a moody, expressive and enchantingly scenic track to completely take you away from it all.

The true value of music is in it’s ability to move you and this EP will move you to your very core.

What People Are Saying About It

When music possesses poise and confidence, it’s immediately apparent! – Marco Deep

These are stunning, beautiful deep house. – Simon Kirk

Outstanding Deep House – All three tracks are just effortlessly brilliant, oozing class & style. Deep House in the correct way, not the way Beatport would lead us to believe it sounds. – Al Bradly

One of the best EPs I’ve had the pleasure to listen to n the last 2-3 years. Stunning.  – DJ Deeka

Beautifully crafted piece of music. – Tom Conrad

Love Consequences. Great Groove – Hippie Torrales

Incredible real dream sound, took me away listening to this! – Distant People

House Music with a feeling. – Dj Deev

Classy, emotive and instantly warming. – Richie from UM

Wakes up feelings. – MrP

With more support flowing from Robert Owens, Lars Behrenroth, Olga Flapper, Cooccer, Kane Ian, Leri Ahel, Jason Pinto, David Jones, Andrew Duke, 2lani The Warrior, Kiyo to, Mark Mac, Patrick Devereux, Rory Cochrane, Zeque, Sezer Uysal, Loz Goddard, Chang Bang, Laurent N., Rissa Garcia, Deep Active Sound,  Sumsuch, Dr. Best, Craig Tunner, Nosak, Manel Sanmartin, Miss Disk, Deep Spelle, Dallomo, Alinep, Carlo Gambino, Cadatta, Tom Vagabondo, Amir Groove, Dj Mfr, Johannes,  This Is Why We Dance, WestRadio, TunnelFM and more.

Grab Your Copy on Bandcamp or Beatport.