DeepWit Essentials Weeks 43 – 47 Pt. 2

Now to finish catching up on all the latest and greatest out there we’ve come across. Keep in mind we normally collect music links throughout the internet from artists we follow via social media, music that is shared with us, music we hear on the radio that is surprisingly good, mixes and charts ect. We can’t share the music if we haven’t heard it though so if there is ever anything you want to share with us, feel free by dropping us an email or adding us to your promo list 🙂

We are going to start off on a totally different foot this time, with something purely outside of the norm. We bought this album earlier this week after hearing the title track on the Radio. The Danish band Worn Out Sun offers up a really awesome and varied release, for any of you interested in this sort of music.


Now from Indie music to some Indie Dance / Indie House if there is such a thing. We are a big fan of the amazing work Mesake & Indre Ju put together and we are always mesmerised by their sound. This is our latest release and you can grab it now with remixes from Tim Angrave and Alvaro Hylander.


From one musician we love to another, David Oniani. We have worked with him several times over the years and honestly he is one of our favourite Jazz inspired producers without a doubt. If you like Jazz and you like House than this is the man you should be listening to. His latest release is out now on Crumpled Music.


If I only got paid for every time I pushed Cold Busted‘s music, I would be making a pretty penny about now. What can I say, we are just huge fans of a lot of the music they release and this Album from Zac Love is just an outstanding example of that.

Yes I know, I can be a bit predictable in my music tastes, including this very cool track from Intro Beats “Silly Walkin” on Lagaffe Tales.

I have no idea where this next artist came from but ever since we have noticed BDTom on the scene, we have been loving every single thing he has put his name to and this release on the brand new label Limitation Music, also well worth checking out.


And can we just say, pure class and quality right here from Sumsuch on UM Records? Love this remix.


Moving onto the tracks for those times you need to move or need to make others move, we have to start with this great track from Fer Ferrari on Plastic City. The entire release is tailored for the dance floor.


This is the second time we have heard Aiby & The Noise on Colour and Pitch and honestly, we can’t get enough of their grittier dance floor sound.


Finishing us up is Usmev‘s EP on Cymasonic Recordings. Deepermeister & Dive in You are the tracks for me, the other two are a bit too dark for my personal tastes, although Alvaro is crazy about the entire release.




DeepWit Essentials Chart February

Feels so good to get back in the groove after a little sick induced hiatus. I would like to say, that for all those that suffer from sinus issues, I truly feel for you! Having a sinus infection was probably one of the uckiest sicknesses I have ever experienced and I am glad to finally be able to breath and hear again 🙂 Now time to celebrate with all of the really excellent music I have missed out on this month!

The first release I want to introduce is actually one from our own sub-label DeepWit Uncovered which is now under the management of Cadatta. This first mini-compilation is an introduction to what you can expect from the label in the future featuring tracks from Weathertunes, ION, Khristian K, Alygos and Mich.

On the same line as the music above, is a release from Parra for Cuva on Lenient Tales. I ran across them a few months ago and have been a fan since. Indy Electronica at its best.

Slowly bringing in the 4×4 is one of the latest tracks from Ivan Garci on his label Vlosfer.

Onto one of our own recent releases where the Original track “Autumn Saturday” from Distortion Inc. is a bit more Electronica than our normal fare but is complimented by two very nice Deep House remixes from Tony S and MDR.

Over to a label that is often featured here on our blog, Ready Mix Records. This time they offer up a really stunning album from Kiano & Below Bangkok which flows from Chillout to Tech House. An LP well worth having in your collection.

Which brings us to a slightly different flavour of music from Alvaro Hylander. Seems like every time he gets his hands on a Gareth Bilaney track, he can’t help but let a little softer indy vibes flow. This one can be found on Bilanez Music.

And for some more laid back and deep vibes, we turn to Deep Site Recordings with their release from Koala. A label and artist you should be keeping your eyes on.

If you are looking for some really proper Deep House, than look no farther then this sublime 4 track EP from Loz Goddard on Goldmin Music. One of the best EP’s around right now, hands down.

For another artists that has worked here with us at DeepWit, another sublime 4 track EP, this one from Addex.

Now to introduce a brand new artist to the label, Miss Disk. This is our latest release with a very late night deep vibe with remixes from Ivan Garci and Bucher.

And for some proper dance floor vibes we head over to Lost My Dog with their latest VA “Bone Deep”. This track from Grey Area and the one from Ivan Dbri are the stand out tracks for us.

Along the same train of thought, we are really enjoying this track from Joshua Collins on Adaptation Music that comes out on Monday.

And to round out the digital releases, something a bit more dark, moody and full of grooving base from Alvaro Hylander on What Happens.

From Digital to Vinyl. I obviously need to find a way to keep a better eye out on Vinyl releases because I know there must be some other great ones out there I am missing out on. This first one comes from Pawas, who in particular, Alvaro is a big fan of. Innovative quality music on his favourite format. A man can’t ask for more.

And this last Vinyl is one from Plastik People Recordings and we are hoping to see this one, along with the labels first Vinyl, on our doorstep any day now.

What the view is like when you are sick in bed in our house. For more photo’s of our rather normal life, you can follow us on Instagram.

Better Days – Prosis feat. Pablo Fierro, Edmund & Silt

Words are at a loss to explain the beautiful warm deepness of this release. With the combined talents of Prosis, Pablo Fierro, Edmund and Silt it is no surprise that every track on this release is above and beyond. The EP starts with “How to Move Feat. Pablo Fierro”, with the name saying it all. The groove, the chords, the melody, all combined with the small details and Pablo’s voice makes this track perfect for dreamy and thumping evenings out. Edmund’s remix is a combination of uber deep mixed in with a bit of funky jazz. This track is truly one to make you speechless and lost inside of the classy vibes that thrive within this remix. The title track “Better Days” is another outstanding vibrant, warm and seductive track from Prosis. There are few tracks that can even come close to the sun-drenched classy feel that is offered up in this Original, which belongs on every beach side Ibiza venue. Silt’s remix takes the original straight to the late night clubs with its deep driving bass and kick that leave nothing to desire in getting any dance floor shaking.

This is the sort of release that belongs on very beach and pool set across the world this summer. Nothing says class, quality and exceptional taste then playing one of these tracks out or even better all of them.

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Great Release All Round Here, All Mixes! Are On Point…. 🙂

BiG AL / Beat Factory / Harlem Knights (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque, Vapour, Dutchie, Acryl, Pesto, Apollo)
Can’t get any better than this. Lovely EP. Full support thx.

Grant Nelson
Great release

George Horn (Cromarti Records)
Wow! Superb release guys 😀 Love every single track, a! nd will be supporting every one. Great job on this release. My favorite from Deepwit to date!

DeepClass Records
Full Support! Fer Ferrari

Q-Burns Abstract Message (8D Industries / Invisible Airwaves Radio Show)
“Better Days” original … gorgeous stuff. I’m impressed. Thanks!

jesus gonsev (Troubled Kids Records)
solid release

Moodymanc/Dubble D/2020 soundsystem (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
Nice all round.. orig in particular for me… will try ta

andy ward 
Love the Edund mix… that got my attention on first listen

Deep Spelle (Soul Industries/ i Records)
Great EP! How To Move Me & all remixes for me! Congrats DeepWit this really feels like summer!

Craig Stewart (DCSTrax – Universe Media)
Edmund jam is ho! t!, thx for sending

Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records)
whole package its nice, being edmund remix my fav, thx!!

Metodi Hristov
nice tnx !!!

Scott Harrington (Savoir Faire Musique)
Edmund nails this, very good

Absolute summer stunner! Both originals are really special, and the Silt remix is gorgeous too. Love. x

Rory Cochrane (Deep Site Recordings)
Quality all over!!! Edmund sounds great as ever, Silt also cool! Full support!

Mask! e
Quality music as usual!! Yeah! Have to admit that Silt Remix is my favorite, thx for sharing 🙂

Jesus Pablo (i! Records / Lost My Dog)
Edmund for me… QUALITY!!!

MissDisk (Paradigm Deep Sessions (friskyradio))

Yeah …all tracks are cool, but Edmund remix is DOPE , i can’t stop to feel the bass ;D

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