Mesake feat. Indre Ju – Empty Road

In the midst of the changing of seasons, we bring back another lusciously deep and haunting track from Mesake featuring the talented vocals of Indre Ju. The vibrant and unique combination the two artists have struck together in their work, leaves little to be desired if you are a fan of Indie and Indie Dance styled music. The moodiness is dialed down in the more dubbed out version that comes from one of our favourite DJ’s, Tim Angrave, who spent his summer as a resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar. The last remix is from Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a fusion of both his signature Deep House sound and the original’s more Indie roots feel.

If you are after some tracks to hit the repeat button on or something to impress your hipster Indie friends while giving them a taste of quality Deep House, you’ve found the release you’re looking for.


Satoshi Fumi – smoothly mood music 🙂

Grinch – UUfff!! Quality Deepness!

Cherokee – Nice Tracks, enjoying the vocals, will support with radio and club play.

Kiyo To – Incredible Selection

MrP – I love it all. I will definately be dropping Alvaro’s rmx a lot.

Ray Sam – Great vocals killer set starter! going for Alvaro Hylander Remix! Big up.

Deepshizzol – Far from empty with lush pads and stabs on every mix! Fantastic vocals… brilliant release great work!!

Nosak – deep and atmospheric release ! i ll play it for sure ! thanku !!Tim’s remix is my pick !

Russell Deeks – Cool deep grooves-

Sumsuch – Alvaro KILLS this remix. Incredible work!!!

Marcelo Méndez – Alvaro Hylander stands out for me, will play for sure on my monthly resident show, TheDeepRoom!!

Simon Dsa – All 3 have that smooth vocal feature underpinng the details of each producers take .. Both Tim & Alvaro spice the ep right up .. I’ll definatly get a load of my Hipster mates around for a listen … 😉 Thanks as ever deepwit

Dr. Best – A superb release! Love all tracks here, especially the remixes from Tim Angrave + Alvaro Hylander.

Dj Nova – In the begging you are expecting to hear a downtempo, a chill out tune, Then you understand that you have a warm and melodic house track that ‘’was included’’ on a cassette from the year 2019 and had a journey back in time… On the side of the Remixes Tim Angrave’s turns it on a blissed out soft acid track and Alvaro Hylander on eclectic//melodic//digital soulful jazzed tune which called indie by many. One way or another the whole release smells like the established quality house sound of Denmark’s DeepWit…

And many more bidding you to get your hands on this lush Deep House Single. 



DeepWit Essentials Weeks 43 – 47 Pt. 2

Now to finish catching up on all the latest and greatest out there we’ve come across. Keep in mind we normally collect music links throughout the internet from artists we follow via social media, music that is shared with us, music we hear on the radio that is surprisingly good, mixes and charts ect. We can’t share the music if we haven’t heard it though so if there is ever anything you want to share with us, feel free by dropping us an email or adding us to your promo list 🙂

We are going to start off on a totally different foot this time, with something purely outside of the norm. We bought this album earlier this week after hearing the title track on the Radio. The Danish band Worn Out Sun offers up a really awesome and varied release, for any of you interested in this sort of music.


Now from Indie music to some Indie Dance / Indie House if there is such a thing. We are a big fan of the amazing work Mesake & Indre Ju put together and we are always mesmerised by their sound. This is our latest release and you can grab it now with remixes from Tim Angrave and Alvaro Hylander.


From one musician we love to another, David Oniani. We have worked with him several times over the years and honestly he is one of our favourite Jazz inspired producers without a doubt. If you like Jazz and you like House than this is the man you should be listening to. His latest release is out now on Crumpled Music.


If I only got paid for every time I pushed Cold Busted‘s music, I would be making a pretty penny about now. What can I say, we are just huge fans of a lot of the music they release and this Album from Zac Love is just an outstanding example of that.

Yes I know, I can be a bit predictable in my music tastes, including this very cool track from Intro Beats “Silly Walkin” on Lagaffe Tales.

I have no idea where this next artist came from but ever since we have noticed BDTom on the scene, we have been loving every single thing he has put his name to and this release on the brand new label Limitation Music, also well worth checking out.


And can we just say, pure class and quality right here from Sumsuch on UM Records? Love this remix.


Moving onto the tracks for those times you need to move or need to make others move, we have to start with this great track from Fer Ferrari on Plastic City. The entire release is tailored for the dance floor.


This is the second time we have heard Aiby & The Noise on Colour and Pitch and honestly, we can’t get enough of their grittier dance floor sound.


Finishing us up is Usmev‘s EP on Cymasonic Recordings. Deepermeister & Dive in You are the tracks for me, the other two are a bit too dark for my personal tastes, although Alvaro is crazy about the entire release.



DeepWit Essentials – Week 42

Ever have one of those weeks were you are just mega busy? This always tends to happen right around the time Alvaro needs to prepare for a DJ’ing gig. Good thing about it all is at least at the end of this crazy busy week, we are headed out to spend the day in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Despite having lived here for several years and making a dozen or so trips to the Capital, there is ALWAYS more to see. Really looking forward to a trip to the Botanical Garden and Museum, as it has a free entrance plus this year has brought beautiful fall colors to the plants AND it is practically right across the street from Culture Box and only a couple of blocks from our hotel. With having had both Alvaro’s birthday and our Anniversary in the last couple of weeks, we thought to turn the whole weekend into a celebration. Who doesn’t love a stroll in a beautiful garden, before enjoying some delicious food and a night of great deep house music surrounded by the best people to party with in CPH?

Make sure if you are in Copenhagen tonight and looking for a good time to join us at Culture Box, the best club in the city, for the monthly What Happens night with some great DJ’s including our very own Alvaro Hylander. Thanks Tim Andresen for bringing us down again!

Now onto the tracks of the week, with a huge thank you for everyone who sent me music to listen, it was a huge help!

To start we are happy to feature something a bit unusual for DeepWit but it was so damn good we couldn’t turn it away. Mesake‘s production combined with Indre Ju’s vocals floored us. With remixes from tONKPROJECT, KSKY and DJ Deeka, there is a diversity and variety of sound in this release rather unexpected.


Then to move onto something a bit more …. well Cadatta. Our very first release came from this talented and original Greek producer and in his latest release with Hypothermik he stays true to his ability to take you down a tripped out and deep experience.


From Cadatta we move to Powel. With his latest release on Fina Records, which was originally a vinyl and is now available digitally, it really has a dreamy landscape although perhaps a bit dark. This is my favorite track from the 4 track EP.


With that we get a bit more deep house with a new release from one of our own producers, Tony S. His latest release is on DeepClass Records and has his uplifting touch all over it. Make sure to check out his other releases, including his single “Enough” that we released a couple of weeks ago.


This moves us right into another set of producers we have worked with, HouseRiders with Helly Larson‘s remix of “Nite Grooves” which recently came out on King Street Sounds. Beautiful deep sounds all around.


Looking for something deep, classy and with just a touch of soulful disco vibes? This track from Deep Sound Express & Too Techs on Pole Position Recordings might be the one for you.


Now for something a bit more uplift and housey. Sometimes you just can’t resist… Thanks Ben Weber and Axel Eilers for this track on Light My Fire!


Wishing you all a really awesome Saturday night!