Mesake feat. Indre Ju – Empty Road

In the midst of the changing of seasons, we bring back another lusciously deep and haunting track from Mesake featuring the talented vocals of Indre Ju. The vibrant and unique combination the two artists have struck together in their work, leaves little to be desired if you are a fan of Indie and Indie Dance styled music. The moodiness is dialed down in the more dubbed out version that comes from one of our favourite DJ’s, Tim Angrave, who spent his summer as a resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar. The last remix is from Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a fusion of both his signature Deep House sound and the original’s more Indie roots feel.

If you are after some tracks to hit the repeat button on or something to impress your hipster Indie friends while giving them a taste of quality Deep House, you’ve found the release you’re looking for.


Satoshi Fumi – smoothly mood music 🙂

Grinch – UUfff!! Quality Deepness!

Cherokee – Nice Tracks, enjoying the vocals, will support with radio and club play.

Kiyo To – Incredible Selection

MrP – I love it all. I will definately be dropping Alvaro’s rmx a lot.

Ray Sam – Great vocals killer set starter! going for Alvaro Hylander Remix! Big up.

Deepshizzol – Far from empty with lush pads and stabs on every mix! Fantastic vocals… brilliant release great work!!

Nosak – deep and atmospheric release ! i ll play it for sure ! thanku !!Tim’s remix is my pick !

Russell Deeks – Cool deep grooves-

Sumsuch – Alvaro KILLS this remix. Incredible work!!!

Marcelo Méndez – Alvaro Hylander stands out for me, will play for sure on my monthly resident show, TheDeepRoom!!

Simon Dsa – All 3 have that smooth vocal feature underpinng the details of each producers take .. Both Tim & Alvaro spice the ep right up .. I’ll definatly get a load of my Hipster mates around for a listen … 😉 Thanks as ever deepwit

Dr. Best – A superb release! Love all tracks here, especially the remixes from Tim Angrave + Alvaro Hylander.

Dj Nova – In the begging you are expecting to hear a downtempo, a chill out tune, Then you understand that you have a warm and melodic house track that ‘’was included’’ on a cassette from the year 2019 and had a journey back in time… On the side of the Remixes Tim Angrave’s turns it on a blissed out soft acid track and Alvaro Hylander on eclectic//melodic//digital soulful jazzed tune which called indie by many. One way or another the whole release smells like the established quality house sound of Denmark’s DeepWit…

And many more bidding you to get your hands on this lush Deep House Single. 



Deep House United // 10 Track Multi-label Collaboration


DeepWit is happy to introduce you to our first Deep House United compilation. This 10 track Label Showcase focuses on bringing together some of the best underground Deep House sounds. With some of our personal favorite labels and the outstanding music you can count on them releasing time and time again, this is the perfect introduction to some Label names that you may not be familiar with and a reminder of how awesome the labels you do recognize are.

A big Thank You to all the labels involved for taking part and releasing quality music.

Etoka Records – Autumn Reverb (Original Mix) – Savvas
Just Move Records – All of you (Nuno Estevez Remix) – Thorne Miller
UM Records – M Side (Alvaro Hylander‘s Lullaby) – Gareth Bilaney
Lovely Records – Three Hundred Nights (Original Mix) – Javier Varez
Ready Mix Records – Restless Tranquility (Original Mix) – Savvas
What Happens – 3.05AM (Do You Remember) (Original Mix) – Tim Andresen
Lemongrassmusic – Alluring Force (Ricciomoto‘s Deep Session) – Synapsis
Colour and Pitch – Kelly (Original Mix) – Sumsuch
DeepWit Recordings – Bumbled (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Ejeca
Pesto – Make Me Shine (Bedroom Beach Remix) – Cloudsteppers


The 13 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make on Soundcloud

A quick run down of the biggest Mistakes we make when using Soundcloud. A few of these have been problems I have run into several times over, especially when wanting to find out more about an artist or even, my personal favourite, when I want to actual PURCHASE the music and the buy link is missing. Really enjoyed the Original article and strongly encourage you to check it out at the bottom of this post.

  1. Your URL is not consistent with other platforms.
  2. Social Links are missing entirely.
  3. Basic Bio and Contact Information is Missing.
  4. The best, most representative work is not readily presented.
  5. And don’t upload everything!
  6. Uploading half-baked, ‘work in progress’ tracks.
  7. Simple Mislabeling.
  8. Forgetting to Identify Your Genre (or set a completely wrong one!)
  9. Not USING your account!
  10. NEVER spam others.
  11. Not adding value in your comments.
  12. Not replying to all comments.
  13. Replying as a bot would.

You can find the Original Article below from Digital Music News

The 13 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make on Soundcloud… | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News.