Adjust – Get Out

With the dawning of spring, we bring to you a fresh and invigorating single from Adjust with remixes from David Oniani, Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor. The original track may sound familiar as we featured a version with KoolSax on our Autumn Air sampler last year. Adjust has offered up a different vision on this single, entitled aptly “Get Out (Flute Dub)”. The man behind Cosmic Disco Records, and half of the duo Zweistein, offers up a classy deep joint with a playful flute to keep the track light and perfect for entertaining. The first remix comes from two gents out of the UK who have helped shaped the sounds of Soulful & Deep House with releases on their own label Adaptation and on other labels like Seasons Recordings, Disclosure Project Recordings, Alma Soul Music and Green Martian. Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor provide a sophisticated and house infused remix with a lush deep vibe. David Oniani, a veteran with several releases on DeepWit, including his track “The Journey” available on our exclusive Collections CD, is the last remixer on the release. His respect of Jazz music comes through perfectly in this exceptional take, featuring a beautifully played sax and swinging house feel made for a dance floor. Maintaining a classy, vibrant and deep feel throughout, this single embodies the fusion of styles that are the foundation of Deep House.

Selected Feedbacks

Sumsuch (Colour & Pitch / – Wowzers. Now here’s a contender for release of the year… This is special.

Ket Shah (Mucho Soul) – The Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsar remix is a top piece of work.

The Messenger (Soul Industries) – Superb release! Easy and breezy. David Oniani rmx is our favourite.

Nosak ( – So eclectic deep house sounds ! Great job guys !! Thank u for this amazing pack !

Simon Kirk (DE Radio / Proton Radio) – Beautiful music guys – love it!

George Horn (Cromarti Records) – Excellent tune.. Really enjoy all 3.. Perfect timing for things warming up here in Texas ;-D

Dj Nova (Rodon Fm 95 / Kapa Music) – Loveable crystal clear deep house on Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Remix, you know me, I love those guys sound. Freakin’ with 90s flava more floor friendly deep house mood of David Oniani Remix it’s all about the bass and the sax man, sexy reshape. Extra big DeepWit release.

Stefan Cordery (Kinetic Groove, Kindisch, 5 & Dime) – Really nice release. Loving the Sax on the David Oniani Remix. Full support. Will play on my new radio show on

Constantin Dimov (Di Costa) – Lovely stuff as usual, guys! Lovin’ any of the given versions of that theme. Truly tasty and pretty sophisticated in a certain way. My top pick would be Oniani’s bouncy rendition! Amazing stuff – that promo made my day! Thanks for this!

Simon ( ) – Smoking selection .. The remix has theat Nu Garage bassline and a slinky vocal .. Those lads twisted it up right tidy. Will be showing massive support over the next month thanks

Mark Mac – (The Sounds Collective) – Smooth Tune I love the deep and Jazzed down feel Top track. My Fave is The Flute Dub 😀 Thanks for the share Playing it this week 😀

 And many more, have a listen yourself and let us know what you think!


Agent Libre – Miles Away

Miles Big

As the last single of the year we introduce “Miles Away”, which is exactly where these tracks transport you when you hear them. The Original track comes from Agent Libre, the newest alias from Reagan Grey. With this new name, she will be focusing on the deep smooth side of house and techno. Alongside her other moniker, Girls On Synths, Reagan stands at the forefront of female producers in the House genres. In her first Single on DeepWit, she provides a full powered Deep House classic. With warm vibrant house sounds mixed flawlessly with deeper, more lush kicks and pads, this track IS what Deep House should sound like.
Following up the Original “Miles Away”, is a remix from Demarkus Lewis, who needs little way in introduction to Deep House and House heads. The feel good, sophisticated and classic vibe from Demarkus will leave you hitting the repeat button and acknowledging the reason why he is considered a man at the front of the American scene.
Reagan also provided us a remix that has the touch of the what has been referred to as the “new deep house sound” with the emphasize on house. It’s chugging vibe will draw you along into a head bobbing and feet shuffling bliss.
The last remix comes from label head, Alvaro Hylander. A man who has become known for his organic, sensual and moody sounds in the underground of European Deep House. His distinct sound can easily be heard in this remix as he pours out a hypnotic and clean vibe that leaves you feeling fresh and wanting more.
With three of the best remixes to have graced the label alongside the epitome of Deep House incased in the Original, there is no better way for us to end another amazing year.

Select Feedbacks

Soul Minority – Brilliant EP !!!
Shane Johnson – Fine bunch of mixes with Demarkus Lewis edging it for me. Groove, bass and melodies all coming together beautifully. Will be playing.
Ian Straker – All strong versions – slightly favouring Demarkus remix on first listen.
Da Funk    – Alvaro’s remix for me. Nice!
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) – all 4-tracks work for me…top release!
Phonatics – Love this!
Corin Arnold (ed2000) – 
cool grooves, lots of very cool tunes. thanks so much ! support !
Al Bradley – Absolutely all over the Reagan Grey mix here – sensational! Love the gradual build &amp tougher groove is the one for me here. All four versions are strong, but Reagan gets the props from me this time 🙂
Mark Mac – Great ep from Agent Libre deep bass and different dimensions of sound give it a very distinct vibe every mix amazing Deepwit gets stronger and stronger with every release. Thanks for the share.
Fabricio Peçanha – Amazing!
Joey Silvero (Distant People) – classy mixes on this release, lush deep atmospheres and smooth chord grooves.
SumSuch   – Loving the remixes here- will be playing all three for sure! Big love to the DeepWit fam!!!
Chris Todd – Great release, difficult to choice a fav, although the Reagan Grey mix seems to be pulling me in a bit more at this moment…lovely stuff!
Giom – Alvaro mix for me !
Brett Johnson – Nice package of remixes…each has their own space. Solid.
Fer Ferrari – Alvaro for me! support!!
Matthias Vogt – this is sublime!
Doc Link – 
Solid Release! Demarkus mix is the one for me! Thanks!
Michael Fossati – Truly mesmerizing slice of deepness oozing with gorgeous melodies.
Laurent N. – 
Superb House Release. Nice original track with good remixes. Will play, FULL SUPPORT !!!
Lars Behrenroth – Alvaro’s mix is cool!
DJ EMan –  
rollin wit Deez mix…. Like Alvaro’s mix too.. will support…

Miles Small