Deep House United Vol. 2

After the huge success of last years “Deep House United” we bring you another Various Artist, Various Label release featuring some of the top Deep House tracks from the great labels involved. Make sure to check them all out for Quality Deep House sounds.

  1. Bogota Records – Innerself feat. Renate (Original Mix) – Ivaylo
  2. Wind Horse Records – Empathy Box feat. Neil (Original Mix) – Audio Units
  3. Deep Site Recordings – Sending My Love (Forteba Remix) – Karmine Rosciano
  4. NightChild Records – You Should Know (Original Mix) – Marvin Zeyss
  5. Lagaffe Tales – Walking at 120 BPM (Original Mix) – 45m1r
  6. DeepWit Recordings – Stella (Original Mix) – Venntaur
  7. Unrivaled Music – Another Profound Moment (Deep Active Sound Remix) – Rishi K.
  8. UM Records – One Night (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Santiago Santamaria 
  9. DeepWit Uncovered – Dreamers of Free World (Cadatta Reminiscent) – Tom Hulst
  10. DeepClass Records – Future File (Original) – WoDeep, Cooccer




You Are Here – Javier Varez

Here to usher in the fall season is a deep and unique release from Javier Varez, one of the driving forces behind the Spanish label Alma Soul Music. With outstanding releases on labels such as Etoka and I Records, a background in electronic music and DJing for over 20 years, the quality of music he produces is of the highest caliber.

You Are Here is one of the freshest tracks to be released on our label yet. With a bass that adds a groovy deep smoothness throughout the track, its sexy and unique female vocals alongside synth stabs that bring a lightness and uplifting feel, this original mix has a lush quality the lovers of deep will truly appreciate. The first remix up on this release is from Alex Sosa, who brings a more dance floor oriented feel, with a remix for You Are Here that can not be completely pinned down into one genre. The all encompassing and atmospheric sound of the track lends itself perfectly for a night of fuzzy and half remembered memories. The last remix for You Are Here, is from one of the better known names in the Deep House world, Dirty Culture. His remix of the title track is a deeper although more mellow take, full of a smoky warm atmosphere and simple yet moving melodies with an incredibly deep and funky bass that moves the track along into a different elevation. The last track, Round Numbers, is a rhythmic track that is rather unique with its build up of tension combined with it’s exhilarating feel. Round Numbers seem like it comes from another era, which lends it an unusual groove that you can not help but appreciate. The quality productions and overall uniqueness of this release helps it stand out from the typical deep house model prevalent today, so enjoy the journey.

You Can Purchase This Release Here.

Want to know what other Top Deep House Artists and Radio Shows Have to Say About the EP?

LAZO (Tapas/Ohral)
Nice EP! Round Numbers for me

luca doobie (radio popolare – amnesia milano)
round numbers for me thnx 😉

Dubble D / Moodymanc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
Not For Me

Dominic Martin/Domsko (Tronicsole/LostMyDog/SoSound/PottyMouth/NordicTrax)
the simplicity of the Dirty Culture Moody mix for me wins here, well worth a spin

Paul Trelles (Proton Mixed)
nice pack, full support

Lukas Greenberg
full support

Richie (untitledmusic)
Very nice EP, especially the remixes (for me anyway!) – thanks!

DJ philE (Deep House Cat Show // SSRadio)
Excellent stuff!

Le Vinyl (i Records/1Trax/Save room/Reisei records)
nice pack thx for send 😉

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project Rec/Ibiza Sonica/Night Drive Music/Elevation )
Round numbers is probably ! the one that interests me the most in this release, bit more chunky and full on. Thanks

E.M.A.N. (Exklusive Records/Vidisco)
Dirty Culture Moody Mix for me!

ilias katelanos
Great stuff , i like both remixes a lot also Round Numbers orig mix …!!!

Evren Ulusoy (I Records / Plastic City / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I R)
round numbers is the best cut for me.Thanks!

George Horn
Round Numbers is great. My pick of the bunch. Will be playing this. Thanks guys!

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
alex sosa remix for me. will play!

Marvin Zeyss (Urban Torque, 1Trax, Night Drive)
Nice package, will try them out!

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)
Nice package! Alex Sosa mix is the fav tune. Well done!

Helly Larson 
great ep from javier and nice remixes! thanx

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)
superb rel! ease – very positive music 🙂

Silt (Plastic Cit! y / Defe cted / Ready Mix)
Alex Sosa Remix for me! Full Support!

LondonGround (iRecords, Save Room Recordings, DeepClass Records.)
dirty culture for me!! thanks!! 😉

The Messenger (Soul Industries/I Records/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…)
Nice Ep.All tracks are fine but we’ll go for Dirty Culture Moody Mix and Round Numbers.

Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records)
round numbers sounds great

Tim Andresen (What Happens)
Dirty Culture Moody Mix is wicked! Should work at the deeper end of my sets…

Satoshi Fumi (Klik/Plastic City/Outerspace/UrbanTorque)
great pack bro!

Andre Detoxx (DeepWit/SoundBar Records/Pesto/Um Records/Tanztone)
Another great release from DeepWit !! Like the Round Numbers but hats off goes to Dirty Culture remix. Thnx

Deep Spelle (Soul Industries! / i Records)
“You Are Here” mixes are nice! Will defo try this out! Thx DeepWit!

Javier Varez (alma soul music)
Love the remixes! 😉

Miguel Garji (ibiza global radio)
Great tracks here.rFull support, sure

Artette (Etoka, Deeper Meaning, Proton)
great package, specially Round Numbers, killer tune!!!!

And The List Goes On :) If you are interested in reading all the feedbacks you can find them HERE.


Nu York – Pablo Fierro

This time around DeepWit Recordings brings something a little different to harold the end of the summer season. If you are looking for something with more of a dance vibe, this release, featuring the Original Track NU YORK from renowned producer Pablo Fierro, and remixes from the likes of Marcelo Nassi, Hideo Kobayashi and HouseRiders, is for you.

Nu York offers up a dark rhythmic deep yet simple and grooving track from one of the main producers in the Deep House world, Pablo Fierro. His combination of dance inspiring yet deep sound, make the title track one not to be missed by the music lovers out there. Following the Original is another Deep House take from Marcelo Nassi with a brighter and more laid back side. Then to turn the page and take a different approach, the two subsequent tracks fall more on the side of Tech House. First up is Hideo Kobayashi’s powerful uplifting and dance floor orientated tech remix followed by another side of the HouseRiders duo with a dark late night tech vibe. Get your dance shoes on and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

You Can Purchase This Release Here.

Want to know what other Top Deep House Artists and Radio Shows Have to Say About the EP?

Bas amro 

Nice pack here, the original is my favourite, thanks for this! 🙂

jesus gonsev (Troubled Kids Records)
Original and M.Nassi Remix for me,solid deep sounds

Paul Trelles (Proton Mixed)
Great pack here, my favs are original and nassi

LAZO (Tapas/Ohral)
Full Support! Thnx for sending

Nick Holder (Dnh records)
Feeling it. Marcelo Nassi Remix is my choice… Thanks for sending!

Lukas Greenberg

Richie (untitledmusic)
Quality stuff all the way – Nassi stealing it for me!

Very Strong!

Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Records / Ibiza Global Radio)
Full Support to Orig and Marcelo Nassi remix!

Addex (I Records, Plastic City, LoveZone Rec.)
This guy is crazy. Perfect productions, perfect ep. All remixes are well done. Thanks.

Marvin Zeyss (Urban Torque, 1Trax, Night Drive)
Marcelo Nassi Remix for me, great stuff!

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project Rec/Ibiza Sonica/Night Drive Music/Elevation )
Big release for the label well done, nice remixers and great original. Like all mixes so any of them could get support from me soon.

ilias katelanos
Masterpiece release ! with excellent original and remixes ..i like all the tracks

Evren Ulusoy (I Records / Plastic City / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I R)
Houseriders remix is my fav,nice work on original stuff as well! Thanks.

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
original & nassi remix for me! very nice! count me in for th! e full support!

The Messenger (Soul Industries/I! Records /Night Drive Music/Plastic City…)
Nice EP! All tracks are great, full support.

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow,Soma,DarkroomDubs)
GROOVY! esp. liking the HouseRiders Rmx. Thanks

Dudley Strangeways (Back To The Future / Resopal / Back to You )
Nice vibe to this EP original mix is the one for me.. Thanks for sending full support

Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records)
marcelos remix its off the hook! thx!!

Miguel Garji (ibiza global radio)
Great package, original is my fav but i like other tracks too.rFull support.rGracias

Satoshi Fumi (Klik/Plastic City/Outerspace/UrbanTorque)
nice pack!great Hideo and Marcelo mix for my set:))

Helly Larson 
! yeah!;) great orginal track ! groovy and deep! houseriders and hideo k. remixes very good! <3<3<3

And The List Goes On 🙂 If you are interested in reading all the feedbacks you can find them HERE.